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Here is my site for french-speaking users ; The Blender Clan :

Forums are very active, even though there are too few blender tuts…



(Shameless plug)

The annual Blender F1 Challenge site:


Don’t you know where is acctual fur library? I can’t find it anywhere.


Here it is Rambiert.

Blender Fur Library


Heya, here’s a tutorial by ‘criss’ on how he uses PD Particles to paint new skies for use as backgrounds, then paints foliage and bushes with alpha for use in planes like billboard rectangles, with transarency masks created on-the-fly with particle brushes vs. keyed on a color.

I’m learning Blender quickly now and starting to like it a lot more than just a month ago. There’s that initial hurdle (plus my poor vision and small icons and text :slight_smile: but it’s worth the time. My Blender self-discovery tutorial is here:

I have a few more Blender links at
One is to another user of Project Dogwaffle who also has tons of Blender tutorials to get started.


I have made a palm tree tutorial,


A Blender tutorials search site


Great car animation tutorial:


A resource for learning Blender 3D.

Video tutorials, PDFs, .blend files, tests, and more!


Blender palm tree tutorial available, it isn’t too bad…I haven’t come across any tree tutorials yet, at least an attempt at one.


Concerning 3D trees, I’m currently working on a series of tutorials and guides focusing on trees and tree-making tools.


check some cool tutorials on this site

the site is in french

the begging numeric ip address is of google translator converting it french to english

hope u like it:thumbsup:


Anyone know any good blender game tutorials?


New link;

 Ocean blend file.


This is a set of tutorials initially aimed at accurately modelling components in blender, but is a good general modelling guide for anyone wanting to get to grips with Blenders mesh modelling tools.

Precision Modelling - An Engineers Guide


New link:

Ocean file download available. If you notice, the file is based of Cog’s tutorial. I made many attempts at getting that animation right, now that I think back last year.:smiley:

I may put up a comment page or something, leave some comments if you want about it or something.:rolleyes:

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This is a great link for free motion capture…A must have…:thumbsup:


I thought I would post this here as the thread has slid down the forum, out of site of new members.

[color=white]The Precision Modelling Guide to Blender is a 151 page walk-through of Blenders mesh modelling tools and design techniques. Illustrated with over 600 images it gives a clear and concise introduction to using blender. By progressing through the guide you will be introduced to many of Blenders commonly used modelling tools and also a few of the not so well known ones. The tools are presented in a real working design example with explanations of why the tools are used and not merely a demonstration of the tools in use.

Don’t be fooled by the name the guide is useful to anyone wanting a clear introduction to Blenders mesh modelling tools.

[color=white]The Guide can be downloaded from[/color]

Hopefully you will find this useful.