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Post your Blender links and resources here.


The main Blender site:

The most updated tutorial list:

A super usefull site (and a landmark on Blender’s history) with many Blender specific forums:

The Best intro so-far to Blender’s Animation system:

** (part 2, covering Lipsync):

Blender’s Knowledge Base (some times off-line) with information for both the current release and for way back the early releases:

A very unkown but very good tutorial on how to model the human body, both Low-Poly and High Poly, by Finklestein (aka Greg Waltz)

Interactive Map of Blender Users around the Globe (add yourself to the map)

:thumbsup: The next 3 are written for Lightwave 3D, but they translate smootly and effortless to Blender. God!, even the screen captures of the Lightwave’s interface looks a lot like Blender’s Interface.

Creating Polygon Hair (that looks quite real), by Elmar Moelzer.

Modeling a T-Shirt (as well as any other clothing).

Modeling a Brachiosaurus, By Marcus Carra

#3 (to download the latest official release of Blender)
…as well as (The official un-official Blender community)
…and (a huge list of tutorials for Blender)

Hope this is a good start!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!


The famous (cough cough) Python Script list

How to set your PythonPath 101 (so you can use Python scripts correctly in Blender)

The Week End challenge forum on Elysiun. One contest every week end.



Hi, blender hotkeys at:


A major site for french blenderheads, with all level tuts and a good amount of illustration so most of it is understandable without speaking french:



Tutorial for armatures:

Using Blender vidéo éditor:

Star wars models for Blender:


Spanish Blender addicts site:
Like elysiun, this is not official but very useful nonetheless.


I have a lot of tutorials on my site at I also host the tutlinks page. It’s It’s not my work, it’s just on my server. It’s a pretty good resource. I’m so glad Blender is getting into CGtalk. Thanks.


Hi there,

Site for Games Development with Blender3D

Overlord Dante


Well now, no plugs for my favorite blender site :surprised :buttrock:

Tons of blender models & a great forum too :thumbsup:



This is my first. It’s for the newest of the new. Beginners texturing. Four more are in the works.

You can also get to my gallery through it or just go here.


Just released Part 2 So I thought I would edit it in.


This link isn’t specific to Blender, but is probably the best head modelling resource I have come accross.


Here is my tutorial. Some day I may make more. God help us all.


Originally posted by Modron
Here is my tutorial. Some day I may make more. God help us all.

Hey Modron, would you care to submit your tutorial to the NEW official Blender Tutorial List?

The sudmission form is at

We are still collecting and evaluating tutorials, so the list isn’ t on-line yet. However there is a small public preview at


Sure i would be glad to. Will get around to it sometime this evening.


My tutorials and articles at
(from newest to oldest)






In czech but mostly full of pictures:)


Anyone got tutorials or links for the new yafray stuff in 2.32?



Here it has a very good tutorial
Written for jandro
:wink: :thumbsup: :bowdown:


Here’s one on using sliders in animation (for lip-syncing)

And these ones are good too. How to create an increidbly realistic planet and Bongo (you’ll see)