Blender equivelant of Select "By Angle" (from 3DS)?


Coming from 3DS Max, there’s a checkbox you tick called “By Angle”, with an angle threshold value you can change, so that when you select a face, it automatically selects surrounding faces until the angle differs too greatly between polygons.

I manually selected these polygons to illustrate how this would work - notice it selects the smooth round area with one click, but stops at the hard edge of the belt.

I can’t find this feature in Blender, and people seem stumped about how to do it - surely such a useful feature isn’t missing?


This feature does not exist in Blender. You could work around by extending the selection, then shrinking the selection again.


Wow ok… I find that really surprising. It’s good to have a concrete answer though.


I think “Select Similar > Co Planar” then playing with the Threshold and Compare options might do what you want it to do. The dropdown may also give some useful options. “Normal” also seems to be a good match.