Blender 2.8 V Cinema 4D R6 XL


I though it would be a good comparison…

Version 6 XL was the first paid for version I got for £200 on the PC, although truth be told, it wasn’t the first version of C4D I bought… that happened cost just £5.99 on a PC Format magazine, with version C4D 5SE, on it… In the next few day’s I’ll try and make a video of my Amiga 1200 Cinema 4D version 2.0 running on it…if the floppies have survived that is.

Now if you consider that it took Maxon just 6 years to get from R2 to R6 to be as elegant as this in look and functionality… you have to wonder why it’s taken 20 years for Blender… It’s an interesting comparison…in basic UI functions / accessibility and usability…

But anyway, having try to google for version 6, I found this presentation from a few years back… I’ll watch the rest later today… right now I’m off to bed…


Maybe you should jump from C4d R12 to R6. Compare/contrast. I suggest you take 6 months to research and return with your findings.

In any event…it’s clear you are a c4d man. Who are we humble Blender folk to stand in your way?


To be honest, this conversation sounds like one zealot trying to speak to another.

While it is clear that the first one will not aknowledge the great strides that Blender took forward, the other (a former ardent preacher of C4D and a very recent convert to the other side), considers himself a true “Blender folk” that “C4D men”, in their pursuit of the false deity, cannot smear with their arguments.


No offense, Icecaveman, but only a week ago (R21 What can we expect?) you were still very much a “C4D man” too, and one of the most vocals at that, and I doubt your copy suddenly stopped working and you already uninstalled it. Pardon the analogy, but you’re reacting like a cheated person, suddenly burning all they adored “I never loved you anyway, you ungrateful fat *****, oh and by the way, I’m going to have revenge sex with the new guy next door. At least he’s a REAL (Blender) man”.

And Scott? Sorry, but if you can’t see what Blender has achieved too, despite it’s other limitations, then it’s your loss. It’s not the end-all be-all that some would like to believe, but it clearly has some industry leading features now (which it never had before) and not just it’s price. They also took notice of the rest of the world instead of living on their island, and it’s making a huge difference.

Is it possible to have a little perspective here ?

And for the record, 2 things:

  1. this is STILL a C4D forum here last time I checked…
  2. App wars are still very frowned upon,as obviously nothing good ever comes from it.


Eric, your post is pretty much sitting on the fence, and batting for the two sides at the same time, that’s avoiding the point of observing where one has failed and the one that hasn’t. if you don’t understand the failings of what you have created, you don’t learn from it.

if you look at the world of Digital Audio Workstations, there is a war…but these wars are for the bettering of their products, 3D applications are no different.


I see both pros and cons, that doesn’t mean there’s a clear winner in absolute terms.

I believe Blender has a superior viewport and some great and cheap hard surface or simulation addons. It seems to be pretty competent at UVs and animation, but I can’t tell much more yet.

To me C4D still feels superior in terms of general workflow (object manager, takes, parametric objects, cloners, expresso etc…) but relies too much on external and expensive plugins to cover the holes in its toolset (X-particles, Redshift etc…)

Anyway what I’m saying is that I still feel like C4D is a better hub, but I will add Blender to my toolset, like Zbrush for instance.

Speaking of which, Zbrush’s interface is terrible with all the features they added over the years without changing the UI. It’s crammed with tiny obscure abbreviations and you have to scroll forever to reach the right function. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad program, far from it, it’s made of awsome alien technology.

And I sure hope that C4D will pump out a viewport just as good as EEVEE sooner than later.


“Everything is evil until it is good or something.”

-J.R.R Torkien


LOL. U made me chuckle.

As per Eric’s comment…No. I am not suddenly ragging on c4d. Where–even once–have I done that? C4D is awesome software.