My latest project WIP. Model based on Tatyana Kupriyanova’s concept:
The clothes are a WIP from Marvelous Designer, and not yet adjusted on in Zbrush, and the face is still symmetrical and stiff. The hair is just a placeholder


Did some retop on the cloth and started the cleanup of the cloth and boots and adjust it closer to the concept


Been swamped with some work, but finished the UVs and retop. Currently grooming the hair now.


Baked out the displacement and started on the groom. Rendered in Arnold


Texture update! Been some crazy days at work so good to finally get some time to work on this again!


She looks a lot more real to me than most female warrior characters I see online. Not the model girl with weapons look, more like a real person with some rough edges, which a real warrior would be likely to have.

Her fingernails jumped out at me as not matching her properly, they seem to be too pale. I don’t know about you but my fingernails are more or less translucent so they pretty much match the colour of the surrounding skin. I know some people do have air in the fibre structure which gives a white look to them, but fingernails with that characteristic are rough and a lot thicker than normal.

Keep going, I am surprised you’re not getting more replies.


Sorry for the late reply but did not notice this till now! Thanks for the kind comments FireAngel! :smiley: