Big Sur on Thursday – C4D ready?


So the new macOS is about to appear, will we get an R23 update the same day?


R23 as is does already work with Big Sur.

If you’re a tablet user, then you might back off ugrading the OS atm. We’ve seen hick-ups with the new Wacom (beta) driver on Big Sur - also in older Cinema versions - that older Wacom drivers on macOS 10.15 don’t have (and no, the older Wacom drivers don’t seem to install on Big Sur).

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@wbj thanks for the heads-up… I hate it when the Wacom drivers don’t work properly, ruins everything!


@wbj Hey Wilfried, what are the Wacom hiccups that you guys are experiencing in Big Sur? I decided to get things going on my MacBook just to check and so far haven’t noticed anything not working as usual. Possibly I’m just not testing things the same way I would on the desktop, so it would be useful to get some understanding of the hiccups you guys are having.


Depending on the Wacom tablet we saw sometimes lost pen clicks when used in combination with keys being pressed (e.g. for navigation). It was different for different tablets and different testers - no clear system recognizable yet (other than that it doesn’t happen with previous drivers on 10.15).

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S22… also runs in Big Sur… anyone tested…?



Still stuck on R21 for the time being because of some issues with how newer c4d versions integrate with our Deadline/AWS farm. I suppose Big Sur is no good with R21?