Big Bad Bunny Eater, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: Big Bad Bunny Eater
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Hi All,

Here’s a piece I did for ImagineFX magazine about 6 months back (in the Oct 2006 issue). I wasn’t allowed to show it until half a year after publication. I’ve done my time so I figured I’d post it now.

The piece is called “Big Bad Bunny Eater.” Another humorous creature piece.

I submitted this for the new Expose 5 and it’s now on the short list so wish me luck.

Hope you like it!



Hilarious and very well executed! No crits. 4 stars


Looking good as always bobert. For some reason though I would have liked to see a face of one of the real bunnies. Its great though, very original.


Thats a new angle on ‘thats just deadly cute’. Lovely piece :slight_smile:


Hi Bobby,

Very nice stuff and good luck for the book.



I love it! Those poor bunnies, haha :slight_smile: I’m new here but I’ve been lurking these forums for ages. I just wanted to say that I found your art and video tutorials to be very inspiring!


That is absolutely hilarous! Well hidden Big Bad, great composition.


this is good, very well done and a wonderful idea too…:).


OH MY GOD! i just felt what those poor rabbits would feel when i first looked at the pic! it gave me the chills! :S :S i abs love it!


Man Bobby your work is seriously some of my favs of all time. I honestly think you are one of the few masters of this digital craft. Thanks for sharing.


I thought it was a sweater when I say the thumbnail from afar… Don’t wanna see what happen next. :sad: This is a marvellous piece with very good sense of humor! Love it. :love:


so incredible, I don’t know where to begin complimenting you… seriously an inspiration. Attention to detail in the background plants and trees is just perfect. wow. 5 stars for sure, hope you get frontpage for this.


Brilliant work!) 10 stars:thumbsup:


At first I didnt see it, then I laughed. Very cute and funny!


I thought it humourous.


But… think of the poor bunnies! :sad:
Excellent pic and creppy green creature :smiley:


haha very cool creature :smiley: and i love the foliage :thumbsup:


wow,I love this new painting very much.The color is so shining,your works are more and more funny,too.
Give my best wish to your work will publish in.Good luck.:thumbsup:


MoonVisionStudio - hey thanks for the stars Jose

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kary - hehe… thx

yasincoskun - thanks Yasin

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Grondhammar - cheers

Waheednasir - i’m glad you like the idea. It was a joy to paint.

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CGFelker27 - oh thanks very much Clinton

Ischwara - thx Indira

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Nikolay - dang… 10 stars? thx! hehehe

ArmyOfMayhem - nice!

TheBladeRoden - i’m glad you did

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cabotinecco - thanks!


I love the creativity:thumbsup: 4*