Bifrost inside geometry troubles


Seems such a simple task, I feel awkward for even asking. Given a sphere, how do I fill it with a liquid and then animate it having the liquid’s real world properties respected (gravity, etc.)

This is what I tried: Created a sphere, made it a liquid -this worked as expected- and then made the sphere a collider. When I did that, the liquid disappeared. I tried then putting an emitter inside the sphere, it also disappeared. Tried different objects, it did not make a difference: the liquid inside objects always disappeared…Until I made a hole in the object.

If the sphere had a hole, the liquid would be displayed. Is this the case with Bifrost? I know I can chose any object and make it into a liquid, but I want to animate this object and have the liquid inside it splash accordingly.

So, I created a double sided sphere with a hole, (akin to the bottle of wine example), then added a cap (cork) put an emitter inside it, then animated it. It sort of worked, the liquid did splash and animated but it disappeared (particles being killed I presume).

Any ideas on how best achieve this?


Initial setup:

Ready for Sim

Mid point

Final frame