'Beyond The Wall' - wip 1 - robbieallenart


Hello Everyone,

This is my first w-i-p for the challenge;

Rhaegal the dragon which John Snow was riding was struck down. Snow rises up mostly unharmed from the fall, but now faces a showdown with the White Walker leader, Viserion, and the Night King riding Viserion. But Daenery’s is fast approaching in the background riding Drogon…

Any suggestions with colour/lighting, or anything else is welcome and appreciated. I feel I have to work on increasing the size and change the angle of Viserion’s arms.

Anyway I have to work over the weekend, but I’m still hopeful I can get a finished entry by the deadline!

Really nice work by everyone so far! Looking forward to seeing all the finished entry’s.


I’m uploading another couple of wip’s

. I’m still not sure about this piece, I feel I need to add more characters such as white walkers in the scene, possibly extend the canvas and add background elements to add scale etc.

Is the perspective too ‘boring’? Any other suggestions?




I think I’m going to go for a new idea last minute. My same original idea, but with a different perspective and pose/positioning…


Just adding another wip progress shot, another to go and then onto the final details up to the deadline.


Final wip before the final push. Really amazed by the entries already. Best of luck everyone!


My Final Entry!

Just in time!

‘Fight Beyond The Wall’


This One! FINAL ENTRY! :slight_smile: