Bevel Problems on bench Cinema4D


I am modeling a bench for a project.
The bench has 2 versions. Facet surface looking, where all the edges are sharp. No problem here with bevel deformer.

Bu when I move on the version that is rounded
I get some problematic ares for my bevels. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? guessing it’s a topology issue?

Thank you for any help.


You have to adjust your mesh removing n-gons and adjusting bevel settings.
benches.c4d (419.9 KB)


You’re trying to apply a bevel over a polygon that has an extremely sharp angle AND is too narrow for the bevel anyway. The algorithm is not smart enough to taper the bevel that way.

For the side visible in your screenshots, you can get a somewhat better result by excluding the first two edges of the rounding next to the sharp corner (the beginning of the concave edge). This forces the beveler to taper the armrest edge and to stop the bevel of the crease before reaching the sharp corner.

However, this doesn’t help with the other side that is not visible in the screenshot. Here, you have a fan of polygons and a complex pole located in the area to round. This will not work (not even if you connect the polys as ngon, which sometimes helps).

You need to get rid of the sharp corner and the complex pole in your low-poly base model to give the bevel deformer a proper base to work with, or alternatively you could model the edge cuts manually and use an SDS on it (bevel deformer in solid mode will show you how to do that for the “working” parts, exclude the edges of the not working ones, then make editable and add the needed cuts).

(EDIT: mrmoose’s solution apparently not only gets rid of the fan but also makes the sharp angle work with the bevel algorithm, which seems to be smarter than I want to give it credit for :wink: It actually removes the incriminating poly before it gets “dangerous”. However, this solution still creates artifacts as the topology of the beveled mesh contains sharp angled polys again. I would still recommend removing the sharp angled polys.)


Thank you @Cairyn and @mrmoose.
I tried a combination of both your methods and got to a result I’m satisfied with.
Do you have Instagram? I would like to tag you as thanx when I upload the project.


Sorry, I’m not on Instagram…


Sorry, me neither :frowning:


@Cairyn @mrmoose ok :slight_smile Thank you for the help


Thanks for the solution showbox buddy, was planning some kind of similar stuff out will go looking at this solution and way out now.



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