Best New Computer Specifications for Rendering


Just to add a simple thought. With Macs you never get the latest hardware. It always takes time for them to absorb new hardware technology. Ex. you were ready to pay 10K$ and have a Pro Vega 64 as a gpu and an 18 core previous generation Xeon (W). With this budget I wouldn’t compromise with anything but the best.
I’ll repeat it once again, and you may through this opinion away, no worries. I agree with Imashination. Get a basic WS for your editing work, with a fast cpu and enough RAM for your needs, and then spend the rest of your money on a beefy render node, oriented either towards cpu or gpu rendering. That’s more rational imo.
Good luck with your new rig!


I was SO tempted by the iMac Pro, (ordeed twice, canceled twice). But I remain hopeful for the new Mac Pro. ( I suspect it’ll be AMD all the way, but if it’s truly modular, maybe they’ll let Nvidia sell its own GPU add-on or something.)

As a very long-term Mac user, I appreciate why people are so loyal to the OS. We’ve been given choice, and some people choose to buy and use Macs – others should respect that decision. I’ve reached the point where I doubt’ll ever jump to PC, unless Apple totally screw the pooch on this new machine. Even then I could always go iMac Pro and keep the old 12-core for CPU rendering duties.

The idea of having an high-end iMac or iMac Pro workstation and then a bunch of basic Threadripper PCs in a renderfarm seems a decent compromise. I would also avoid jumping on any GPU rendering bandwagon on Mac until we know the lie of the land. Hopefully, we’ll hear something positive in week’s time.