Best New Computer Specifications for Rendering


I started this thread requesting feedback about my interest in the iMac Pro. After reading the posts and doing additional research, I’ve decided to put that idea on hold. The thing that is intriguing me now is the upcoming release of the Modular Mac Pro and Mac Pro Display. My equipment needs to support C4D, Final Cut Pro and Digital Performer digital audio workstation (DAW) including Vienna Ensemble Pro. This involves the networked use of multiple computers.

Years ago I started out using Windows and Mac and found my personal choice is to use Macs. Although Macs started out being the personal choice for many professionals, since then, Apple has put much of its resources in consumer products and not professional products.

The upcoming release of the Modular Mac Pro and Mac Pro Display are some of the first products being released by Apple to possibly resume their interest in professional products. The iMac Pro is also a step in that direction, but has obvious built in limitations. From what I’ve read, Apple has consulted with professional developers to help assess their needs to know what we need to do our work. I would assume that Apple wants to support Final Cut Pro users. But, I’m hoping they will also tap into the needs of DAW and 3D users. The upcoming Apple event on October 30th may give a glimpse into more. We’ll see.

Thanks again for all of the great ideas generated on this helpful site!


Just to add a simple thought. With Macs you never get the latest hardware. It always takes time for them to absorb new hardware technology. Ex. you were ready to pay 10K$ and have a Pro Vega 64 as a gpu and an 18 core previous generation Xeon (W). With this budget I wouldn’t compromise with anything but the best.
I’ll repeat it once again, and you may through this opinion away, no worries. I agree with Imashination. Get a basic WS for your editing work, with a fast cpu and enough RAM for your needs, and then spend the rest of your money on a beefy render node, oriented either towards cpu or gpu rendering. That’s more rational imo.
Good luck with your new rig!


I was SO tempted by the iMac Pro, (ordeed twice, canceled twice). But I remain hopeful for the new Mac Pro. ( I suspect it’ll be AMD all the way, but if it’s truly modular, maybe they’ll let Nvidia sell its own GPU add-on or something.)

As a very long-term Mac user, I appreciate why people are so loyal to the OS. We’ve been given choice, and some people choose to buy and use Macs – others should respect that decision. I’ve reached the point where I doubt’ll ever jump to PC, unless Apple totally screw the pooch on this new machine. Even then I could always go iMac Pro and keep the old 12-core for CPU rendering duties.

The idea of having an high-end iMac or iMac Pro workstation and then a bunch of basic Threadripper PCs in a renderfarm seems a decent compromise. I would also avoid jumping on any GPU rendering bandwagon on Mac until we know the lie of the land. Hopefully, we’ll hear something positive in week’s time.