Best 3D title for previz


I’m a director interested in moving out of the storyboard realm into a more involved animatic.

Ultimately, I’d like to be able to build shots like some of Blizzard’s work from '97-98, on their Starcraft cinematic sequences - the basics of the shot were all there, but not the hi-res photo-real quality of their more recent cinematic work.

Looking for something to really help create the feeling of the show (not like FrameForge). Would it be advisable to just bite the bullet and spend a few months learning Maya, or are there other programs out there that are a better fit?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


Hey Moophopolis…

There are a few pre-vis software options out there. I’m not familiar with the examples you cited but I can verify the listed apps created quick “Sims” quality animations:


>> (iClone)



I use Antics at present for Pre-Vis. It also allows imports of Google 3D SketchUp models. However as of middle 2009 Antics will no longer be available/supported to the mass public. The company ran out of money and sold it’s engine for private use.

Moviestrom and Antics offer a free version to use.


I’m a bit biased but personally, if you want a full blown, professional, 3d app purely for simple animatics I’d go for Lightwave over anything else, especially Maya. Blender is supposed to be very capable and is free. It seems a bit extravagant to blow a small fortune on a 3d app and use barely any of the features IMO.


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