Best 3D scanner for Human Heads


Hi ,

I was wondering if someone can help with me with finding the best 3D scanner if I wanted to scan human heads for an app that I am developing for a friend. We have a specific idea in mind and many of the human heads we found for purchase online do not fit the demographic of people we want to scan.

Is it possible for a portable 3D scanner to have automated retopology that can be used easily in a 3D modelling software ? I need some guidance in this area.



Not sure why you posted this in the programming forums. Is there an actual programming question in there? If not would you like me to remove it, or to move it somewhere else more appropriate?


Most 3D scanning techniques require lots of time which makes living subjects difficult to capture. The one exception is photogrammetry with multiple cameras which can capture everything needed all at once. This would be the best option for scanning human subjects. If needed there are companies that provide this service or consulting for setting up your own rig.


@ThE_JacO : Sorry but I am new to this forum. The project is to develop an app so the software and hardware section of the forum seemed appropriate to me. I didn’t know where to go next. Where would you suggest I move this post? Thanks !


@olson : Thank you for the reply. Do you have any suggestions for companies that I can contact ?


It depends on exactly what you would like to get out of it.
If you want people’s experience with similar technology, given there is no specific area in terms of app or discipline, I could probably move it to General Discussion for you (you need mod privileges to move threads), which is also much higher traffic.

As it stands though I don’t think you’ll get much out of it as it mixes several subjects that normally don’t go together (cheap scanners don’t come with excellent software, at best you get a Delaunay triangulation of the mesh, often all you get is a point cloud).

Have you considered looking at photo reconstruction softwares instead? If you have control on the shooting environment it’s likely going to get you further without spending too much than cheapo scanners (which will be hard to impossible to trial) would.


If none of people you scan has epilepsy you can use handheld 3d scanner. Myself i use Artec Eva, some people i know prefer spider for the head (better detalisation, but slower and more difficult to scan) and Eva for the body. Scanning the face takes no more than half of minute. I know it’s also possible to turn of blinking light to be able to scan people who can’t tolerate it, but with bad textures. There was a plastic surger or somewho, that use this function.


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