Believe in Santa Featuring the Rapsittie Street Kids


OMG, is anybody watching this? It’s on the WB right now and it is unbelievably horrible! How did this show get made and put on the air???

I hate to rip on it because some folks, somewhere worked on it, but goodness gracious I have never seen anything this truly horrific in my life!

Here’s a link to the website

Go to “Movie Clips” and check out the “Believe in Santa Previsualization.” The previz actually looked a little bit better then the final show.

Sorry to beat on the folks that worked on this, but this is like the Gallerie Abominate. So bad you can’t look away!


Nope…sorry. There is no way I am going to believe that aired on national television. Show me the proof. I believe in Santa more than I believe that Warner Brothers is that suicidal.


That’s what I couldn’t believe. I was flipping around during a commercial and ran across it. Everyone in my family just stared at each other in awe that this could be on the air. My wife actually missed football because we just couldn’t look away!

What’s crazy is that in the bios section it says that the lead animator worked on the Matrix II!



After some extensive detective work with JimColdT we managed to find some credible evidence that this p.o.s. is actually real!!

Go to that link and it will tell you when it’ll air in NY.

I’m going to animate my ass cheeks in 3D and sell that for a Valentine’s Special.


Whatever you do, don’t miss it. It’s an amazing train wreck of a show!

It should inspire everyone that if something this bone breakingly bad can get on the air, then anything can!!!


LMAO thanks for the link.
I thought it was a joke.

So I did a google search on Damon Knight, their lead animator and I found this.

This came up further down the page

When Motion Capture Beats Keyframing by Damon Knight and Tom Tolles
When going for natural-looking character animation, motion capture typically beats out keyframing…for a price.

I dont think he animated on this show… LOL or has some bad mocap data.

I checked the company that did this. Wolf Tracer Studios on google and didn’t get any luck. But a name Colin Slater came up.
I check that out and found his homepage which didn’t work. So I found nothing about the company.

Thats pretty much as far as I went… So it says it airs on 1pm Dec 21 on ABC eh. Gotta check it out to see just how bad it is.
Thanks for the links guys.


That is absolute crap. I’m laughing and crying at the same time.


Okay okay…

This is definitely real… however, there has to be something behind the fact that this horrendous piece of garbage is actually on the air.

I propose 2 theories, both of which were discussed between myself and d_hansbury, as well my wife and numerous other animators:

  1. Some television executive’s offspring was given the chance to put their introductory animation class work on tv, a la Aaron/Tori Spelling.

  2. Something much greater is at work here, most likely the devil.

I know I sound harsh, and as a teacher I always try to find the positive aspects of any work. However, I can honestly say I find no redeeming value here. In fact, it’s this kind of crap that makes already cynical tv viewers say, “I hate that holiday s**t”

Can we please raise our standards?
OR, as Butt-head would say:
“Stop in the name of all that does not suck.” :scream:



Wow. In the name of all things holy, how is this possible? I was very skeptical I found this on

How can God let this happen? Especially on Christmas! I think any self-respecting artist should be as shocked and appalled as I am that this atrocity is allowed to be broadcast.

I’ll be watching though, if for no other reason than to find out who the heck sponsored this thing. I’d love to know which corporations are naive enough to purchase advertising during this thing. Whoever they are, I will certainly be sure not to partake in any of their products since they have shown such a lack of common sense and good judgement.

On a side note my eyes are bleeding.


Wow… :surprised … wow. :insane:
I just watched that previsualization movie and teaser. This actually looks a LOT worse than some of the Gallerie Abominate stuff. Seriously… wow.

Not to be overly cruel (is that possible?) but my theory on this lovely holiday animation that is “destined to become a classic” is this: the film is the result of a horrible experiment involving the use of retarded, cybernetic lab monkeys to create neural motion capture. …Also, the monkeys were on drugs. :smiley:


This is really bothering me. After being so utterly horrifed by the piss-poor quality of the “pre-viz” and noting MyFault’s statement that “The previz actually looked a little bit better then the final show.” I did some more digging to find out how it’s possible that these people managed to create this plague for the eyes. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible for a human being to create something so frighteningly bad, and want to show it to the public (or his cat for that matter).

Anyhoo, I was reading throughn the bios of the creators of this atrocity (go to Cast>Credits), and this is what I discovered about one of the “producers” named Colin Slater.

[B]"He had made a series of animation film in the old fashioned way, where 150 artists worked for two years painting cels. By 1995 he developed a system for doing animation very quickly on the computer. He had been familiar with computers since he bought his first one back in 1978. Today that system has progressed to be a lot cleaner and smoother.

At the heart of the system is a 'bank" of 4,000 pre-programmed stock moves which include seven different walk cycles, 12 dance steps and many different facial expressions. For Believe in Santa, he and his crew are developing custom motions and actions. Five seconds of screen time takes 20 minutes to finish. Regular computer animators would take several hours to complete the same work."[/B]

Ok, terrific. They blasted through an hour’s worth of animation in roughly 10 days. Great job guys.

The more I learn about this show, the more I’m starting to feel like I’m trapped in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. God help us all if this stuff gets any ratings.


I know, was that not unbelievably insulting or what. Didn’t anyone notice how horrible it all looked. Does it really mean anything to say you have 4,000 canned motions when they all look that bad.

As much as I was pissed off at some of that I do find it kind of inspiring that maybe, just maybe one of us could get something on the air.

And not to totally depress you, but they are applying all this amazing technology to an Easter special as well…


This sucks. Im going to watch this but not tell anyone else because I dont want them to get any more TV ratings.

An easter special? AHHH could they handle animating a bunny.

Did some more searching on the site and they had 4 animators total it looks like.
They used a program call DR JEFFERY FREEDMAN!

To find where it says this on the site go to Credits then click on “more”



I mean, we should actually invite someone from that company to defend themselves. Not to mention, it’ll be really fun to see what kind of excuses they could come up with to defend their art.


This is what it said:

I think someone at your company should look at this link.

This is a forum at discussing your “Believe in Santa” movie and it’s apparent lack of quality.

If possible, please respond to either the forum or to this email to shed some light on your decisions or reasons behind this horrible animation.

Thank you,





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