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[font=Verdana]I have a mouse with two thumb buttons (a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer) and its software (Intellipoint) lets me set specific functions for any software. I set the rear thumb button (closest to the base of the thumb) to Undo, and the front one (closer to the tip) to Redo. This lets me work extremely fast and experiment freely without having to worry about screwing something up. I have messiah set to Auto Key Create, so having such a quick and easy Undo is wonderful. Try it!



Generally if you try to select objects that are sitting under the edit sphere, selection becomes an issue, most likely you wont be able to select what you are trying to select. The way i do t in these kinds of situations is that , i press “esc” key(it hides edit sphere), i select what i want and press “esc” again key to bring edit sphere back.


When animating, make sure you input on your channel edit to “M” on your world view screen.

Any other channel edit option may result into something you dislike if you dont know what you are doing. When attempting to delete a keyframe that has the channel edit set to anything other than the motion channels, it might result into a mess where you think you are deleting the motion on your keys but you really are not and just making more of a mess on your geometry and rig.

You can select a range of keys when you expand your DopeSheet/DopeSheet Master, from there you can select “key” on your Edit panel on Dopesheet then right click on the delete button to wipe out the entire keys instead of its channels.

Another tip, you can multi select bones and select your “Modify mutli-select” button (the cursive “e”) in the world view next to the Channel Edit button and animate your multiselected items simultaneously.


-----Having Messiah and your initial 3D software is kinda like cocaine and pancakes-----


Hi all,

In perspective mode in the World View, you can hold alt + ctrl + Left or Right click + drag left or right and you can pan in your perspective view.

Also in perspective view, you can hold alt + shift + left or right click + drag up or down and you can zoom in and out on your selected item when you press “a” to center your selection.

Also, while you center your selection in perspective view, you can also press alt + LMB (left mouse button) + drag to rotate view in Pitch and Heading.

Alt + RMB (right mouse button) + drag will rotate bank in your view in perspective.

I hope that helps with navigating better in perspective view for those tideous tweaking stages after you worked in the front, back, and side views.

Of course you dont necessarily have to be in perspective view to utilize these shortcut key functions, you can apply these shortcuts in any view in World View. I just mostly use those key shortcuts in perspective view. Happy Animating!:thumbsup:



or you could always middle click right through the edit sphere.


that does not work when it is set to seperate edit sphere and left right mouse map (at least here ) , that is the issue.



Wow! Thanks Ulven!

Thats an awesome link. Already bookmarked it:bounce: