Before and After - Post Examples of Your Improvement!


i worked this in April, 2009…with adobe photoshop.
this looks pretty simple but i took too long time to paint this.
maybe for one week?
i couldn’t adapt myself to digital painting from traditional way.
so i decided to chage painting program. more similar to painting on real paper.

and this is what i painted with corel painter,17th this month.
of course, it took much time to be fit for painter’s interface.
but i think i could approach easier than before…

there are still many thing to learn;;; anatomy,depiction,tenicity…etc
i’m sure my progress will be continued.


Ok here is my progress
This was the first piece i made with tablet.



Wow what an inspiring forum this is. This alone has inspired me into getting back to drawing. Thank you all for sharing


So here’s my very first attempt in ZBrush and then again four months later.

It’s pretty funny to look back now, but i’m proud of the progress I made. If you’re just starting out, stick with it!