Before and After - Post Examples of Your Improvement!


Wow! Just WOW! Amazing works Dudes and Dudettes! The improvement graph is vertical!

Johan mind boggling stuff man!:scream:

Rebecca I think you deserve a big applause on behalf of all us Artistic Anatomy folk!


Awww, thanks a lot Siju. :slight_smile: Can’t take the credit though. You guys kick butt. :slight_smile:


lol thanks
the thing is I just simply worked on a daily basis… there is nothing more to it…

I agree with Siju!
you definitely deserve a slice of the cake Rebecca for keeping these rapidly growing community from falling into chaos :smiley:


Before I started my sketchbook (first post on 05-23-2006):

After (02-03-2007):


So, this is the process of about a 9 months…I’m not satisfied, because I could draw more, but I hope, I can do more practicing in the future


…and some of todays work

Thanks for watching, have a nice day


WOW!!! what great improvements by so many!!!

I admire all of you :thumbsup:



2003 or 2004
<–the oldest non-anime digital drawing I can find






ha-dou-ken and ThePatches,

Wow!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Lol it’s really amazing actually!



After Inked


After Inked


Before - 2002 or so, I only started taking art seriously in about 2005 or 06. (and this is with a refrence, haha)


2005 - I remember when this was the best I’ve ever done… lol. However now looking at it I kind of want to redraw it with my new skillz.

2007 (my anatomy is still rather weak. I’m working on it x.x)



after 6-7/2007

after 8/2007


ya, man! That’s the stuff that’s turning us on around here!


sick improvement. Really. You’re on Epo or something?


wow! (just wow!)


Before - January, 12th 2006

After - August, 10th 2007


I started drawing “properly” around 5 months ago, and this was one of those pages of sketches seeing “what I can do now” before any practice. All of them are from “reference”.

And this is now after intense training for 5 months!:

I have to thank everyone on this forum, although I haven’t posted anything before, I have tried taking on the challenges such as drawing 50 heads, and I have been forcing myself to draw every day after work and all of it has been worth it! I am also lucky in that I know a lot of professional artists and animators (I live with a Lead Animator!) and they all too have been too kind to me in being critical and guiding me along. You can see some of my doodlings on

I have miles to go (before I sleep), but its all so much fun! Woo!


Hi, I’m new here! (registered today)

BEFORE January 2003
(Painter Classic)
-no references, learning animestyles

AFTER June 2007
-reference used for the pose


Wow warpy! That is amazing in just the last few months. The last one looked like a photo at first. I wish I could say the same! Here is one change:

And my latest WIP:


I might have skipped a couple but I’m curious to know exactly what everyones approach was. How many hours were put in and what did you do alot of first? What steps were taken? Stuff like that.

Cause good god! To see what one can do in 4 months is pretty impressive.