Before and After - Post Examples of Your Improvement!


Before and After - Post Examples of Your Improvement!

  I've been particularly impressed by the improvement that a lot of folks have been making around here. It's been inspiring to see the progress here of those who are regular participants in and contributors to the Anatomy Forum.
   I'd love to see everyone interested posting 1 example of your "Before" work and 1 or 2 examples of your "After" work. This means "Before" you started practicing art seriously and 1 or 2 of your BEST "After" works that show how far you've come since creating a Sketchbook here and participating in the Anatomy Forum.
   [b]Please follow these guidelines:[/b]
   -Only [b]1 post per person[/b], with a labeled [b]"Before"[/b] [b]picture [/b]first, + [b]1 or 2 labeled "After"[/b] [b]pictures [/b]+ any accompanying text you wish to write.

-As part of your post, feel free to post a link to your Sketchbook Thread for those interested in further following your progress.

   I look forward to seeing your posts! :)


Your post should look something like this format wise (no you don’t need a gradient or a stroke ;)):



[left]You can find a link to my Sketchbook here. [add link]


Interesting idea, Rebecca :slight_smile:

Ok, I don’t really have a pic from when I wasn’t practising art seriously, because I wasn’t practising seriously, hehe. I decided to choose to show paintings here.
The BEFORE pic is from my very first sketchbook, which I had about 8 months back. The AFTER was done for the OFDW20.
So the time between these two studies is 8 months.



My sketchbook thread is in my signature if someone gets interested :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see others’ pieces!!


Razz: That doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue: They are both great.

Hmm, can only post one? But I have so many old crummy paintings I’m not proud of :\

This one is from Dec. 5 2003 DSG: Alien Arena or something. Oldest painting of mine that still survives. Done with a mouse… haha.

Recent? Man I dunno, I never finish much - all sketches most of the time, how about this sketch then?


Haha, I agree with Tom - razz, you have to post stuff that sucks in order for us to compare. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Tom, lol, great to see your incredible improvement! Your "Before" picture is only barely matched by mine, however. Bear witness to the badness! :D
     Speaking of stuff that reeks of badness, here is a blast from the past, from OFDW 004 (my sincere apologies to Zhuzhu, whose image I butchered here - [b]BEFORE, Sept. 2005:[/b]
  [b]AFTER[/b] [b]1[/b] - One of my Thesis images from[b] Dec. 2006 [/b](actually the piece is meant to be seen horizontally):
     [b]AFTER[/b] [b]2[/b] - [b]Dec. 2006 / Jan. 2007 [/b]- WIP for OFDW 020:
     [left]Erm, if I can improve, anyone can. :p


Still not bad! :stuck_out_tongue: A little blurry but it’s all there.
Haha, you so edited your original post so you could post two after images.


Ha, no, the original post said that you could post 2 after images. Feel free to add another “After” image to your post! :slight_smile:


Well ok, you two, I’ll change the before image. I just wanted them to be a full body painting to a full body painting. And what an improvement from you two. I mean yeah, few years passed between yours before and after images, but still, great to see the big step forward.
Oh, Rebecca, did you really paint that? Haha :smiley: Poor Zhuzhu. Joking of course :thumbsup:
Tom, amazing. So pleasent to see the ‘after’ environment after seeing the before one :smiley:


Oh I always love to see before & after stuff :slight_smile:

I hope it’s ok for me to post here too…cause I’m kinda new to this forum. But this past fall I really started to get more serious about improving my drawing/painting skills and just altogether learn more about how to draw, illustration, etc. I’ve made a commitment to finally just do it and stop thinking about wanting to do it!

So here are some before/after pics of the NPC portraits project I have been working on.

The Before images were done in 2003. After with photos were done in late 2005 & 2006, and the After with no refs done this past December up until now:


OK Here is my before and after. I am still learning a lot. I am looking to get a wacom now. I am using Painter 9.5 on the Gateway tablet PC. I got this in August of 2006, so here is 5 month’s of partial practice with my regular everyday work.

August 2006:

November 2006:

End of December 2006:



Definitely an improvement! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:


WOW - hadn’t seen this last piece of yours. Keep going buddy! Tremendous improvement here. :slight_smile:


Yeah, you still have to post something that sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Rebecca, I think that is my style now. I would like a little more realistic approach though! I am working on a commission piece now and I am ready to attempt the anatomy class you are starting.


Rebecca, oh c’mon :smiley: That’s one of my first digital paintings!


razz, man… it’s been said before, but really… the first one ought to be crappy…


let me spell it out to you…

like this: (:smiley: )

crap study from hell from OFDW07
(somewhere very late 2005)
(yes, with reference)
(oh yes, I did my very best)

just finished my self portrait today…:
(mirror reference)


That is awesome progress Murat! Truly a big achievement. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Time to set some new goals for that next step on the ladder. :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca,

Let me say it again, in public:
especially you (and some of the other helpers and teachers in this forum, Hi Glenn :slight_smile: ) will always hold a special place in my heart for showing me the way (and for sometimes rubbing my face in the dirt quotedidyouusereferenceunquote)

Hmmm, next step will be just another Ryder-istically pimped drawing, preferrably not of myself. To be honest, it’s been quite a journey into myself, staring at the mirror for hours and I’d actually rather look at a naked woman for hours next time…:scream:


c’mon Razz make it hurt :scream:

I did a little digging and found my first attempt at portrait painting
it’s from a book called “How to Paint Skin Tones” by James Horton
from sometime in 97

And from OFDW20 Jan 07



wow, FateBringer,

holy donnerknispel, now that is a breathtaking progress!


Seriously impressive stuff Mark. :slight_smile: Congrats!!! :thumbsup:

Mu, thank you. :slight_smile:


OMG razz - are you kiddin’ me?! where’s the suckey?!

FateBringer - now that’s a gianormous leap forward! I salute you :bowdown:

Mu - great improvement too - yeah references [repeat the mantra!]

Rebbecak - Wow you have improved enormously, not that the first one sucked either :stuck_out_tongue:

ok - me next I guess…

July 2006

total flatness… I’m actually hurting :argh: at the thought of having so disfigured the work of my fav artist

January 2007

a bit more shape and substance …