Becoming a Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists


Enrollment for the next run of the workshop [COLOR=Cyan](July, 2017) is now open. The link below contains all the details regarding the workshop such as the course contents, week-by-week detailed outline, student testimonials, and enrollment details:

I know a lot of you have been wanting to join us, and have been waiting for the right timing or saving up for it. I’m going to keep running this workshop for as long as I can, and when you are ready to come and join us, you’ll become part of the alumni students community, with our own private forum for critiques, discussions about personal artistic growth, portfolio/career development, and on-going mentoring from me, as well as mutual support and friendship from fellow alumni students. It’s a much cozier atmosphere compared to large, anonymous forums, because all the alumni students have been through the same experience during the workshop, and for many, it’s been a transcendent experience in artistic growth, self-awareness, discovery, and huge boost in skill, knowledge, and confidence.

For those of you yet to experience the workshop, we’re waiting for you to come and join us. :arteest: :beer:

[b]I have removed the details from the original post below since it’s now superseded by the information in the link above, but I have kept some additional details below so those interested in the workshop can find out more about it.

While this workshop is epic and covers a lot of subjects, if I had to sum it up as simply as I could, this is what I would say:

“While putting together the material for this workshop, I came to the realization that the entire course is essentially the absolute distillation of the most essential things I have ever learned as an artist to date, and if I could travel back in time and spend eight weeks with my younger self, these are the very things I’d want him to learn.”

Original Post: [/b]
I didn’t want to post too much detail about the workshop before because the scope of the course keeps snowballing and has become absolutely epic in size (I’ve spent a year and a half on it already, and in fact this workshop had been taking shape ever since a few years ago, and has grown to about 10X the scope/detail of the original size), to the point that if I didn’t put my foot down and cap off the size of the workshop, students will be totally overwhelmed by the sheer scope and depth of all the knowledge, techniques, creative methods…etc they’d have to absorb in 8 weeks. But at the same time, I tried very hard to make sure the workshop is designed so students (regardless if they’re beginners, intermediate, or advanced) don’t have to master anything during the workshop–they only need to observe carefully, flex their creative muscles, participate in the class assignments, and all the lessons taught will stay with them for the rest of their lives–in fact many of the lessons will likely change their lives, as some of the material in the workshop had changed my life in my own artistic growth and struggles. Some students may not have enough skill and experience to execute some of the advanced concepts in the workshop, but having been taught those advanced concepts, they would’ve eliminated years of unnecessary frustration and confusion down the road as they grow as artists. Everything taught in the workshop was designed to save you from wasting precious years of your life using ineffective learning/practicing methods, or focusing on misguided mentalities/approaches that cause severe damage to your artistic development.

             (If you want to be notified when the workshop is open for registration, just reply to this thread and you should be notified whenever this thread has new replies.)
                      I want to point out this part specifically so students will know what they are getting:
                      "Another unique aspect of the course is that it does not waste the students’ time and money by covering topics that already have many free or low-cost commercial resources available, and concentrates on mainly topics that do not have readily available resources, or covers popular topics with a new level of depth not seen elsewhere."
                      This is very important, because I do not waste the student's time on very common subjects like basic anatomy/figure, because there are so many free and very cheap resources out there already (listed in the sticky threads right here at the top of this forum). I would be wasting the student's tuition if I spent time on those basic and common subjects that they could find for free online or buy very cheaply in bookstores, when I could've been teaching subjects that students will not be able to find elsewhere--subjects that will impact their growth as artists much more significantly down the road. The truth is, basic anatomy/figure are areas that any half-way decent artist should know at the very least, and many artists who have gained a firm grasp on anatomy/figure are still severely limited because they are missing all the other important knowledge/skills--the very things this workshop teaches. At the same time, anatomy/figure must be mastered if one wants to become a competent artist (and today's aspiring artists are extremely lucky that many learning resources are free or very cheap).
                     To master anatomy/figure takes years (and for most people, they will continue trying to master them for their entire artistic lives)--they are not what you could learn completely from one workshop or one class--they take combination of multiple resources and years of actual life drawing experience to get a firm grasp on. Any serious artist will have a stack of books on anatomy/figure, tons of photo references, and hundreds of hours worth of life drawing under his belt. 

So if your only interest is basic anatomy/figure and absolutely nothing else [color=YellowGreen](drawing/painting techniques, composition/perspective, color, lighting/values, parameters of stylization, aesthetic sensibility, expressive characters, creative vision, flexible and powerful workflow, visual storytelling, personal growth and career development strategies…etc) then this workshop is not for you. Although this workshop does not cover basic anatomy/figure, it does delve deeply into effective body language, expressive characters, elements of aesthetic beauty, stylization decisions, etc, which are advanced concepts of anatomy/figure, and those will impact your growth as an artist more than basic anatomy/figure, because they are what will separate you from being merely competent and become creatively authoritative. You do not need to have mastered anatomy/figure to learn about these advanced concepts. You should think of these advanced concepts as knowledge that will make it much easier for you to not only master anatomy/figure when you study them, but also aid you in developing your own expressive styles.[/color]

          If you're an artist who is beyond the novice level--maybe you're intermediate or advanced in certain areas, but feel like there are glaring holes in your knowledge or creative approach (for example, you're strong in anatomy/figure, but you can't seem to draw attractive characters to save your life, and you're terrible at lighting or colors or visual narrative, or maybe you're great at environments and objects, but really struggle with characters, or you are great at photo-manipulation but can't draw/paint well), this workshop's sections on advanced concepts would be perfect for you. 
                      Anyway, these are the details so far. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.


Thanks for the heads up Robert! :smiley:

Sounds awesome & cant wait! just need to figure out how to hold the bloodey pencil properly :smiley:


Sounds very thorough. No mention of cost?


All the CG Workshops at CG Society are $500 per student and lasts 8 weeks. (EDIT: This price no longer applies–whatever the listed price is on the current workshop page is the most up-to-date.)


Aha! Gotcha. I was not aware of that and that this was the venue.



Someone sent me a PM expressing his concern:

Thanks for the info; the thing is, although the course sounds spectacular, I’m not sure if I would qualify for it…

[li]I am only working on perspective,[/li]> [li]I don’t have a tablet,[/li]> [li]I don’t have portfolio images, and so on…[/li]> [li]I’d probably be the lowest person in the class… :hmm:[/li]
[/ul]This is my reply:

Do you mean that you’re only interested in learning perspective and nothing else?

If you are serious about being a digital 2D artist, then you absolutely must get a tablet–even if it’s the cheapest Wacom product, it’ll still be infinitely better than a mouse.

If you don’t have any portfolio images, you could still take the course–the key is that you are willing to participate in the class assignments and try your best at improving and absorbing what the course has to offer.

I wouldn’t worry about where I would place in the class–I’d only be concerned about whether I’m passionate and serious about becoming a good artist. As long as you’re a half-way intelligent person who is passionate about art, you’d learn tons of stuff–many of which would most likely change your life as an artist.


Looks great. Index already gives some ideas. :slight_smile:

Congratulations for getting workshop this far. There must have been quite a lot of work.

Since the price is set, how about that other valueble resource - time? How mutch the workshop needs one’s time during those 8 weeks? Does one need 2 months vacation or are the “night hours” sufficient? (of cource depends on how long it takes to make the assignments, but some average estimate would help). And are there any fixed times when you have to be online (something seems to be at week 7 at least).


Who ever sent that PM I still stay I could give them a run for their money in the bottom of the class category :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. There were times when it felt like I’ll never get it done, and I’m willing to bet that I’m probably the only instructor at CG Society to ever have spent so much time on the course material. My motivations are different in general though, as I’m trying to pass on absolutely everything I’ve ever learned to date that had significant impact on my growth as an artist. In a way it’s part of my personal journey–to move on to the next phase of my life by summarizing all that I’ve learned so far and passing it all on to the next generation.

If you have a day job or are going to school, you should still have enough time to do the assignments, as the assignments were designed with people who have day jobs or school in mind. You don’t have to be online at a fixed time–the workshop is forum-based, with text and images and videos for the students to go through at their own pace, and then all interaction is done via the forum. Every week will have assignments, and I try to be flexible when designing the assignments. For example, if I ask for three different lighting variations of the same subject, you may only do two if you don’t have enough time.


:banghead: C’mon guys, show some competitive spirit! (Friendly competition combined with camaraderie is always healthy.) You all should be gunning to be at the TOP of the class and aiming to KICKASS. :buttrock:


Currently I am still poking at my piece of paper retardedly with this whole overhand pencil grip business. Don’t get me wrong I always aim to be kickass :smiley:

Congrats on getting it completed!:bowdown:


Really nice! Too bad that i don’t have a tablet. :sad:


Wow! looks interesting…
try to inform me when this 'll begin :slight_smile:



Lunatique I am very interested, can you add me to your mail list to inform me when the workshop will begin?.


From reading Lunatique’s advice on other threads, this is gonna be an awesome course, hopefully I can afford it when it starts, best get saving now then…


Aerendyl - Even if you get the cheapest tablet (which won’t set you back much at all) it will still kill any mouse any day.

hidus, Androsm - Sure thing. But since you guys already replied to this thread, you’ll be notified when I update this thread with any news or additional information (as long as you have your settings set so that you’ll get emails when there are new posts in threads you are subscribed to).

If you guys are in any way serious about taking this workshop, then I suggest you guys get cranking on your anatomy/figure studies, because even though the workshop does not require you to know anatomy/figure beforehand, you will have a clear advantage if you have done some studying on the subject on your own (crack open those Loomis books!) and can draw people that actually look somewhat like people instead of nightmare mutants. :smiley:


Ok. Lunatique before i buy a tablet few fast questions:

  1. How much will this cost?
  2. Will this be trough the internet (I assume that it will be but i need to be 100% sure. :slight_smile: )?
  3. You saw how i draw. Is this really for me?


  1. You can find all the information you need at Wacom’s site:

  2. I assume you mean the workshop? CG Society have been hosting workshops here for years now, and I have never seen anyone say there’s a problem doing it over the internet. In fact, it’s very effective because everything is documented through forum postings, and you can go through the material in your free time.

  3. Like already mentioned in the details about the workshop, it is for anyone who is missing the knowledge and skills mentioned in the details. If you see a bunch of stuff in those details that you don’t know, then it’s definitely for you.


This is awesome. I can’t wait!


Hehe, thanks but i meant this:

  1. How much will this workshop cost? EDIT: ah i see now the price - 500$
  2. I asked if is over the internet because that is very good. I live in Croatia and i cannot go to USA for a workshop. :slight_smile:
  3. Ok, will read everything and see. :slight_smile:

P.S. Is the same to draw on the tablet or on a paper?

P.S.2. I would like to take this but i think that i am still not ready. Will you have this workshop only once or?