Beauty Nun, yujin Kim (3D)


Title: Beauty Nun
Name: yujin Kim
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya

Title: Beauty Nun
Name: yujin Kim
Country: Korea
Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Mental ray

Hi! all
This is my first posting in CGTalk
This work was desinged and produced in 2008
She is Nun and I wanted that felt like pure and innocence but she has mood of sexy as well.

I hope you to check this my work sincerely.
Thanks for looking.


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Great! I like the long nails detaill …


what made me like thia was the great detail in the rosary and stuff, excellent


Great work. Visited your blog as well. Very impressive.


Very nice work. Hands seem a bit large to me.



Very nice :slight_smile: I agree about the hand being a bit too big though.


good started

very very good work i like it the amazing render & wonderful details

keep on & goodluck


That image is superb, congratulations. The fabrics are just perfect, really, the soft bump of it is really great. The jewels are very well done too. Overall I really love the render, I’m just not a big fan of the overexposition on the left of the image.

Great work ! :wavey:


incredible artwork… wow.


Definitely not the innocent look of a nun, more like a young beauty, showing us proudly but confidentially all the treasures she already got from the poor sinners. But the concept could surely work as an ad for jewellery with Christian symbols.

Aesthetically and technically nonetheless cracking! Textures are outstanding!!(except on the lips)

All in all a perfect beauty shot, deserving more than just 5*


Such a beautiful work, congrats.
love the work on the hands, rosary.
Not sure what it is but something on her left eye looks weird to me.


She is beautiful! Amazing work.


Great work…i like it very much…


Very nice, such detail. Great work on this.


Incredibly good work,

only comment is that the hands are too large.


Superb work! You’re a great artist.


great work !


She´s pretty awesome ^^


Very nice and impressive!
The expression of her face is awesome!


One word: