Beautiful woman


Hi Cgtalker’s ,

Taking a brake from my Daniel Craig WIP , I decided to start a woman wip, since I never finish one in my career ( yeah I know haha ) I said ok it’s tmie :slight_smile: since I had a new workflow I wanted to try and so far so good, working really well. It’s faster then my older work flow, better result, more flexibility and accuracy …anyway.

So I decided to do a ebautifull woman and I found that they have mostly all the same kind of face to be considered beautifull, so I stayed in these stereotype to meet my goal.

Also, I needed new teeths, since my other one were outdated, dating from

So here’s the teeths :

and here’s some sneak peak of the face… lot’s to add like facial fur, connection of the eyelash to the skin via displacement,etc etc … but it’s coming along



Luc that’s amazingly realistic!
I what to see more… specially since it’s a beautiful woman! ehehe…

Great work man!


Hey thank’s man! I appreciate it

Here’s some more sneak peak


Your skin details are phenomenal. That’s what I’m struggling with the most right now. Great work.



here 's a small render with the facial added, first pass, not final ,but it’s adding a lot like planned. It was much harder then I though to get a shader for that that look close to the real thing… it may look simple and easy to do… but I found was not… I spend many hours just on that shader doing test render etc…

So here’s a little preview , could not render bigger too slow now… thoise little hairs are slow as hell to render… and by the way I upgraded the fresnel reflection a lot on the skin shader, so should look better


Wow! Amazing shaders :o How did you make those saliva bubbles between the teeths? It looks really realistic. Do you render in vray?
Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Hey merci Florence :slight_smile:

It’s rendered in Vray ^^ . Check your PM I sended you something
More to come soon, I’m on the polishing phase of the textures, after that I post the whole face, will just miss the hairs, will be the next step.


Man! All your stuff looks so much real!
Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

here’a really quick n dirty make up test on the eyes just to keep that thread alive ^^ I’m doing 2 version of her, first one is without make up and a sceond one with make up, later I will show you some choice of make up and you’ll give me your feedback guys on it so I can choose the right one :slight_smile:

much more to come ( for now the eyelash has no mascara, I will add for the version make up, with longer eyelash, darker,etc )


You can count with my opinions Luc!

What a great work you’re doing!
Is that a 3D scan or is it just poly modeling?


Thank’s man.
it’s just poly modeling , I got inspired by some celebrity. Everything is done by hand ( exept the texture of the iris and sclera and neck) all the skin job is done by hand etc.


here s a test with mascara effect on the lash and some other lighting fun


HDRI lighting test


looking epic man, you are quiet inspirational.


:eek: :surprised :stuck_out_tongue: :drool: :scream::bounce::applause: :bowdown:


Looking good! Could you share more about your new workflow that you were talking about in the first post?


hey thank’s guys!

Here’s a close up of the eye so far, not totally finish, but it’s coming along… my 16 gig computer is begging for more RAM now lol… I will need to buy an other 8 gig otherwise I will not be able to render the hairs in a single render pass…

it’s a bit noisy render but I dont want to wait forever ^^


I wonder how many texture are you using and what resolution and format they are to fill up 16 gigs of ram already. VRay is usually very memory efficent… Anyway the result is gorgeous!


thank’s !

They are 8k maps, but remember I have the teeths too, upper teeth and lower teeth are using 2 8k maps… and that is for the displacement,… then after I have many 8k maps, diffuse, spec, bump,gloss, etc etc etc… and a LOT of facials hairs etc all getting really heavy easily… and 16 gig ram for a rig is nothing nowaday … I will need to buy an other 8 gig in order to finish this project… just the hairs will be really heavy once done so …


Jeeze, overkill much. :smiley:
Nah just kidding, the results speak for themselves but that definitely explains that crazy detail.