BEATRIX_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Hehe, yeah, mittens really do make some things complicated :p.


Hi Beatrix,

Let me know whatever happens with that storybook. It’ looks like it could be a fun take on things.


You’re definitely the most consistent of us all. This pieces will all go so well in an artbook :slight_smile:


Can’t say it enough, but your characters are so adorable…
Cuteness overload ! :bounce:

As always, your work is really inspiring. So tasteful and effective !


Thank you for your comments, LadyMedusa, JoelHageman, POSEIdOON, Lammakian!
I would like to presentation how orc/troll/goblin can be their holiday. :slight_smile:

  1. day’s sketch: SNOW
    #drawcember #madewithwacom #cgsociety


I might be repeating myself, but love your concepts ideas and style.
It is a pleasure to follow your works!


… And it must be said that size matters.
Beautiful design as always.:applause:


Thank you very much for your comments, grafik, STFVIT! :slight_smile:


I definitely enjoy the consistency throughout all your pieces, from color scheme to subject matter!


Thank you very much for your kindly comment, justcallmeinsane! :slight_smile:

  1. day’s sketch: COOKIES
    #drawcember #madewithwacom #cgsociety


I just want to live in that world and eat cookies:) super cool!


Aaah yeeees, cookies!


You works are some of my favorite things coming out of this competition.


What’s with all those cookies ?!? I’m hungry now !
It’s awesome that with such simple colors and design, you could make a picture so appetizing… :drool:

I’m in awe. (and hungry)


Love your worldbuilding with these characters and the way you draw them.
I could really imagine a sweet cartoon or short series with those. :smiley:
The simple but defined style make those good for animation.


Loved this one Beatrix! Great composition, the little details… all goes well together :slight_smile:


I can not wait to see the next one.


Thank you for your very kindly comments, Sutansan, LadyMedusa, SmallPoly, Lammakian, RocaTeithmore, POSEIdOON, STFVIT! :slight_smile: