BEATRIX_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


I love how whimsical the little goblins are. I hope you do some more of them. :wink:


Thank you for your comment, fustifoccs, SmallPoly!

  1. day’s sketch: REINDEER
    #drawcember #madewithwacom #cgsociety


This Works for reindeer and sledding :slight_smile:
Enjoying very much your series of illustrations! It would be a great cartoon animation


That troll or ogre is so proud of his reindeer. Marvellous!


Ahahah wonderful! I have made a reindeer too for today, but it’s too serious. I like yours more :smiley:


Tök jó illusztrációk! Már csak mesét kellene írni hozzájuk! Tetszik, ahogy két színnel megoldod, erre mondják, hogy a kevesebb néha több. Nem sokan képesek erre.


Love the whimsical style.


POSEIdOON - Thank you! I’m glad that you like these!
LadyMedusa - Thank you! And his reindeer has the same teeth as him. :slight_smile:
grafik - Thank you! But your hero reindeer have to serious.
fustifoccs - Köszönöm a kommentet, külön jó, hogy egy szakember írja.
MackSztaba - Thank you for your comment!


Even a reindeer have sharp teeth :smiley: It’s so nice! I’m following you on the Instagram now <3


These would be great as illustrations for a storybook. Or did I miss that part?

Let me just say, the whole look reminds of videos about Plitvice Lakes. That’s Croatia.

Maybe that’s because I wanted to write a story based in that forest, like a folktale book I was reading about there, Croatian Stories of Long Ago by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić.

Still working on my writing style.

Dare I ask what the Einstein is about?

Crazy pumpkin.


Damn is dragging a reindeer effortlessly!
Really very nice Beatrix.


Did I mention that I really, really, dig that style ? Because I REALLY REALLY dig that style ! :keenly:
Lovely illustration ! I want to see the rest, and boy, it’s so cool that we’ll get to see more until the 22nd.


hokutonakatany - Thank you! I like that tooth! Thank you, I also follow you on Intsa!
JoelHageman - Thank you for your comment! They have already been advised to write a story to the pictures.
STFVIT - Thank you very much!
Lammakian - Thank you very much!

  1. day’s sketch: DECORATIONS
    #drawcember #madewithwacom #cgsociety


Haha, I love it. Nothing puts you in a festive mood like the jingle jangle of chains in your helmet :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s so cute, in it’s own way <3 Love your ideas!


Rightly everyone makes the Christmas tree with what it has!


LadyMedusa, hokutonakatany, STFVIT - Thank you for your comments! :slight_smile:

  1. day’s sketch: MITTENS
    #drawcember #madewithwacom #cgsociety