BEATRIX_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Whooaao! Great finale!
You made it! And very consistently too.
Happy holidays! I really do hope to see a book from you soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Kedves Beatrix!
Gratulálok a szép munkákhoz!
Boldog karácsonyt és sikeres új évet kívánok!


Grand finale! Your characters are fantastic!
Merry Christmas Beatrix!:keenly:


Congrats on completing and Merry Christmas to you! Awesome job with this challenge!


grafik, Lammakian, JoelHageman, justcallmeinsane, POSEIdOON, gfigueroa, nataliel, LadyMedusa, fustifoccs, STFVIT, Doomov
and Wacom #DrawCember Challenge members: Thank you very much for your all kindly comments!
Your comments were support and helped me for the final effort! Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:


Beautifully done drawcember, Beatrix! Your funny trolls and orks can make a whole christmas children’s book! Much effort and great result, happy holidays!


nkirill - Thank you for your very kindly comment! Happy New Year! :slight_smile: