BCC Plugins compatible to fusion?



do the Boris BCC plugins work with fusion?! If not: is there something like that for fusion out there?!

Thanks for help!


i doubt that the OFX version will run with fusion (even if it something thats against the principle of OFX to have different plugins for different hosts)

i had a brief look at what they offer and it seems most of the tools in the plugin have a native node in fusion or can be rebuild with fusion nodes.

is there a specific effect your missing in fusion from the plugins?


Thanks for help, pingking.

I am looking for a powerfull lensflare (hot spot looks too simple) and a 3d camera tracker (PFTrack is too expensive)…



for tracking you can also use mocha (like in the boris plugins) or syntheyes (good and not expansive) or even blender (free)


the flares: if you dont mind to build your own presets there are great fuses:

and these fuses also publish the position of the flare you can use that to drive a transform of an image you want to use as bokeh or flare


Very good tipps, thank you!