Batch Rename Plugin R20


As this great plugin not working in R20 (even with the Bridge)
Anyone knows of a similar option?
Payed or free




I am not familiar with it. Could you tell us what it actually does? Then maybe either myself, or someone else, could then quickly write a python script to do what you need.


It’s just a simple plugin that let you choose a batch of objects and rename them and add a suffix. Loved it
Realized now it’s a coffee plugin, so that’s why it isn’t working…

at c4dcafe i was referred to this one:

didn’t try it yet.


kbar thanks for that.


Thanks for sharing the Lasse Lauch link; looks very handy!


A Simple Renamer: Does not work in R20? Doesnot even load


It is one of those plugins that you may not need often
however it is extremely useful in the scenarios when one need to rename
hundreds of objects such as the fractured bits in a Modynamics simulation.

I am still running an older C4D studio and This plugin has been a life saver
when my prefractured geometry bits needed to have names without periods(.)
to be sent properly over to Realflow for interaction with fluid dynamics


re: Does not work in R20? Doesnot even load

Works for me in Windows 10 C4D R20.030 -

open prefs from menu-Edit

put renamer folder in \library\scripts\

shift-F12 customize commands, type ‘rename’ in filter box to find

drag renamers into interface and save layout

to use > highlight objects in OM and click icon


sry, my fault: It’s a Script! I put it in the PlugIn folder…