Basher Bot/Engineer game characters


Hello everyone! I’ve been working on two characters for my honours project to learn about the processes involved with creating characters for games in particular. The game is steampunk themed and the overall look should be stylized with realistic textures.

The first one is a “Basher Bot” who has a slow powering up punch attack with exhaust pipes on each arm to indicate to the player which arm is about to attack. It has a total of 15,556 triangles with around 6k triangles allocated for the chains on the elbow/knee areas.

The next character is an engineer.

Any feedback/critique on how to improve is welcome! If you have a few minutes to spare could you please help out by completing the following form:-

It’s required to have some feedback for my honours project and thought this would be the best place. It is completely anonymous. Many thanks in advance!</a>


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