Barbary Macaque (looking for Feedback/Critique)


Hey there,

I recently finished this project where I wanted to challenge myself to create a photorealistic study of a monkey (Barbary Macaque) and it has been a great project and a learning experience so far.

The monkey was sculpted in ZBrush, retopologized in Maya, textures were painted in Mari and a few bits done in Photoshop. The hair was done using XGen in Maya which was a “fun” learning experience. The shading, lighting and rendering was done with V-Ray.

I’m currently looking for some feedback/critique in hopes to make some final changes that could help in reaching that realistic result.

The full project with breakdowns can be found here: PROJECT

Looking forward to the replies!

Main render:

Close up render:


Alternate render:


Man the fur is amazing on this, really well done! upload it to the gallery if you haven’t.

My only input is on the skin and the eyelashes. Is this for animation, fun, illustation? I would say it makes a good concept piece and there are some things i would do in photoshop if you dont plan to animate.

The eyelashes are the only part of the fur in my opinion that stands out as cg maybe to thin or maybe the way they are inserting to the eyelid.

The skin could use some molting areas that show some variation. Color break up even if its slight variations on saturation but mixing in some dull blues, greens and reds in areas could help.

that’s as critical as I can be becuase it looks great, congrats.

if you have time start a sketchbook thread would love to track future projects


Thanks of the feedback Travis

The initial idea was for a full monkey and possibly animated as well, but due to time and internship deadlines, I decided to do a study but for an animation in thought.

And I agree, the skin feels like it lacks variation in colour and the eyelashes may need to adjusted a bit more; this is something I may revisit in the future or keep in mind in the future projects

Many Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it, especially because I want to learn and keep improving.