Baking tesxtures using other types of projection so they stick on dynamic objects


I may be looking up the wrong terms here. I see plenty of info about bodypaint, uv maps, etc, but in my case, I already have items like tattoos mapped using various non uv projection types (cylindrical, etc) exactly where I want on character.

Unfortunately, they don’t stick to him as he moves, so is there a particular way to essentially bake those projections into UV? If so, I’m not sure what that process is called?

Some other method achieving similar end so I can use the existing projections that already work for still character?


Use a “Stick Texture Tag” on the character mesh.


Ah… “stick”. That’s the word I was missing. “Bake” and so on were returning up all the wrong search results. I new there must be such a function. Was just using wrong key words.

Will take a look at. Thx.

EDIT. Yup. Done and done.

Thx again.


I’ve got a related but maybe trickier situation I’m trying to work out too. I have an object with way too many polys that’s textured entirely via individual color textures per poly (no uv’s)

I need to drastically reduce polys, untriangulate, etc. I’m considering just recreating the shape or perhaps shrink wrapping with evenly spaced quads, but the the existing “paint job” is quite ornate and would take quite a bit of time to recreate in bodypaint or similar.

I see ways to transfer uv textures in retopo type situations, etc, but is there a way to preserve the “paint” job in this case if it is all just colored polys?


Bake texture tag could work, 1st create non overlapping UVs, bake maps. Then either reduce polys with preserve UVs enabled, or use VAMP to project UVs back onto new reduced model. Sometimes doing this in VAMP doesn’t give the best results.


Am I missing some way to reduce polys with usable quads? Seems to me poly reduction generator destroys all topology with unfortunately placed tris which can then not even be rectified (pun intended) via untriangulate command. Since it’s a character that needs smooth deformations, I’m not entirely sure I’m not better off leaving the high poly and just dealing with the lag.

I’ve dabbled in manual retopo when necessary, but I just don’t have time for the learning curve bouncing back and forth from c4d to other apps anymore, so in rush to finish project, I’ve even resorted to shrink wrapping some items just to get rid of their lousy topology and get more usable quads. Seems hard for me to believe there’s not a better way.