Baking Mesh Sequences over Network?


With the arrival of volumes comes the arrival of long mesh-computing times for each frame. I’m working on a project now where 60%-65% of the render time is just in preparing the mesh for each frame of the animation, and while I have a small CPU farm, I only have one GPU workstation that can actually do the rendering duties for this particular project.

It’d be handy if I could use Team Render to bake a mesh sequence over the network that I could then re-import & render with my GPU. Houdini has this sort of flexibility, and it’s been quite helpful in the past.


Hi Luke,
I know this wont address your concerns directly, but I would propose you Bake As alembic and use that for rendering.


Thanks for the thought! We had to change up the mesh-animation significantly with each render, so it didn’t save a whole lot of time to go that route. We eventually just sent things over to Rebus, and offset the baking to mulitple machines in that fashion. It would just be handy in some situations to bake a sequence over the network, especially when that baking process takes over a minute a frame.


Is it the Volume calculation that’s heavy, or the Mesher?

If it’s the volume, although you can’t use the networked computers, after Saving all sequences, the renders will become faster, as only the meshing needs to happen.

If it’s the mesh… only Alembic can save you.
Interesting idea though…


It is the volume calculation - as there were a lot of small-ish tendrils that were changing from frame to frame. Could you clarify what you mean by ‘Saving All Sequences’? Brain density is at 1.0 :slight_smile:


I meant to say, “after exporting all Volumes to VDB Sequences”
If you select the Volume Builder, and go to File->Export, you can save the Volume as a VDB sequence.


Ahh, that’s good to know. Thanks!