Baking as Alembic - red icon vs green icon


Hello all

I’ve run into a problem where I’m trying to bake a Poly FX effect as an Alembic file…

All seems fine in terms of creating the file… I get to green checks for both Path to Alembic, and Object Identifier… the Alembic file is a decent size to assume something was at least recorded…

However little “a” icon on the mesh is Red instead of Green.

What could the problem be?

Thanks for the help


Red doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad, it just means the point count is inconsistent i.e. it’s loading new geometry in each frame vs Green which is a constant point count and morphs the same points.



Thank you @brasco

How would one keep the point count consistent? I’m trying to be as efficient as possible…

I also forgot to mention that the geo disappears once the file is baked to alembic. The file size indicates some information has been recorded, yet the geo isn’t showing up.

What could I be doing wrong? Am I missing a step?

Thanks again for your time!!