Bake lighting in ZBrush?


Hey guys,

Is there any way to bake lighting in ZBrush?

I’ve looked through a bunch of documentation and not found anything.
I’m trying to bake shadows to a high resolution mesh which can then be transferred to a game model using polypaint or a texture.

What I am looking at specifically is the shadow cast by a hat or hair onto a face

I know I can do this in Maya and 3ds max, but surely there is a method to do this in ZBrush, right?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


I don’t think you can do this in zbrush. I haven’t seen any tuts on this.


i dont think so… did you try xNormals?


Thanks for replying!

I think XNormal can bake ambient occlusion but not lighting.

At this point I am using XNormal and substance to bake most of my maps, but have to use Max or Maya to bake lightmaps which is definitely slowing me down!

In an old post, I think I saw that ‘Occlusion Only’ was soon going to be a checkbox for high poly meshes. That would help.


You can bake lighting in Substance.



Was not aware of this feature