Bailey Wheatland Sketchbook


Hey everyone! First post on here in a while. I’m currently working on a realtime character and I would love some feedback on her. I’m currently wrapping up the sculpt. I am aiming for a high fidelity character model so any feedback you may have helps.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Welcome bailsowheat!

Id say you are off to a very solid start and that its just going to keep on getting better as you add layers of complexity.
Once you get on with the eyes, the hair and the sub surface scattering of the face It will come out looking great! There might be a touch of R&D mixed with some feedback required along the way before you are done but I`m excited to see that journey :smiley:


Thanks for the comment Adrian! I will be giving you guys an update on that character soon, but in the meantime, here is another character I have begun texturing.


I see your work on the Studio / Artist Awake group a lot! I think your realistic piece is coming along nicely, and I like the cartoonish style you have in your second piece.


Thank you! Here is an update on that project.


Here is another update from within unreal engine 4. The expression has been such a learning experience.


Hey guys hope you all are doing well. I’m just dropping by to show you something I started on last night. I’ve never sculpted a character starting from a pose before so I would really like some feedback in terms of the structures being developed here. The figure will be clothed for the most part. The only bare elements will be the arms, the head of course, and and feet. I still need to sculpt the hands and feet, but my main concern is with the torso. Does the pelvis look correct in this pose?


Here is an update on that sculpt


Here is the beginning of the third character.