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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: Reporter


Just wanted to be a part of this wonderful challenge)

Just wanted to write down my brief idea.

Close future.
People try to consume more healthy food products.

Nobody wants to eat hamburgers, hotdogs and other products of the “junk” food.

Fast food corporations deal with huge loss of money due to this tendency.

As the result,
all over the world, cities are under attack of giant raged hamburgers (Not without help of food corporations)

Humanity is doomed.

sounds like a stupid funny idea)
But i think this is what b-movies are about.

Let`s see, what i can pull out of that idea!))


So this is my first sketch.

I wanted to capture this action of attack.
Hamburger seems to be quite angry)

Of course army tries to stop him.


“Junk food strikes back” i like a lot of your composition


Hey Jama,

“Junk food strikes back” !! hahahahahahahaha coooool title!! hahahahaha :smiley:

Like a lot the idea of the angry hamburger , looks angry and hungry :smiley: Perhaps you can make your perspective with the vanish point in the frame ( more “centered”) to see more giant the monster hamburger … mmmm … or you can go for a vertical canvas, only silly ideas. :slight_smile:

Good work and waiting for more updates.


Good work!
v svoem stile, molodec!


Great concept and idea :thumbsup:


Giant hamburger is really nice idea. Connected with your dynamic style of drawing it looks awesome :slight_smile: Hope to see new steps soon…


I`m trying to develope my story a bit more.

Fastfood corporations manage to sell their products everywhere.

Even army and police consumes their products.

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention pls.

Brand new products.
Drinks for special forces, fully compatible with metal jacket))

Obey your thirst!

Let the fastfood be with you!)

In further steps i will try to develope a bit more the characters that are presented in my concept!


Guys, thank you a lot for your comments!)

More is coming,
stay tuned))


Hey! nice theme and sketch )
waiting more cool updates


Hey Jama!
Glad to see you joined. :beer: Like your idea!
Good luck to you!


I may be mistaken, but i`ve read somewhere that “Coca-cola” was the first company that introduced pin-up style of drawings for their ads.

So i thought that it can be good if one of these pin-up girls will be a reporter in my “healthy food TV”.

Now pin-up girls are against the junkfood))


Hey there :slight_smile: Good to see you in, I’m sure you can come up with something great :slight_smile:


Hi Martin))

Glad to see you man.

Yeah, i hope so) this time i will try to finish my piece!)
Good luck to you!


Cool concept and great design! Good luck!


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