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The production crew on AVATAR have stunned the CG world with their truly astonishing work. What they have also done is create an environment of forest worthy of the reality test as well.

Read on about the construction of Pandora. >>CLICK HERE<<


Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s a good read and I’ve found out quite a bit about how they went about shooting this, some pretty good advice in there.


The jungle growth systems, bugs, amazing…
I cant wait for some 5+ hours additional dvd disc release with behind the scenes.


Great article there Paul, but I wish people wouldn’t keep bringing the uncanny valley into this. It hasn’t jumped the uncanny valley at all, it’s very sensibly sidestepped it instead. It’s not realistic and doesn’t aim to be, the style itself isn’t realistic and the creatures are no more realistic than Gollum or Davey Jones and crew, we don’t have preconceptions about how “alive” or what detail there should be for them, which is why just like Gollum and the others it’s not uncanny …well except for the unfortunate more recognizable Siggourney Avatar.


Truly a milestone in creating digital environments that are both believable and beautiful. And excellent use of 3D too. The jungle sequences in particular help convince and draw the viewer into this incredibly detailed and alien world.

Only hope cinemas follow up by similarly advanced techniques for detecting and expelling young teens with laser pointers having their kind of “fun” at the expense of everyone else. In that respect movie-theatres are currently at a disadvantage compared to home viewing blissfully free of such annoyances.

Anyway I hope the release dates for DVD/Bluray will not be too far into the future. For sure this is one of THE films to buy this year - just to study the sheer wealth of details one invariably miss on a single viewing is something I look forward to. But beyond all that this film is foremost a milestone in making the unbelievable belieavable. My hat off to all who contributed - a production to be proud of indeed.


an insane amount of work went into this, can’t wait to see what comes next in the CG world.


Love it :love:



I liked this production focus. It was comprehensive, but not so long that it bogged me down reading it.


To quote a famous line from the movie “This is great!” :slight_smile: and it is, thanks for posting this. It would be nice if it was available in pdf format for downloading.

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Great article, thanks! :applause:
It is nice to read about the Jungle, since most FX articles so far have covered other areas of the production.

But we thirst for even more detail… :drool: :drool:


Oh geez, will you give it a rest, Per-Anders? Every damn Avatar thread… :argh: (calms down)


I have to wonder what kind of Frankenstein work they did to the Paint Effects engine in Maya to achieve results like that. How many TDs writing scripts and tools to get things to the level they needed.


Great article!


What, all two of them? :rolleyes:

You’re being a bit oversensitive, give what a rest exactly? The movie doesn’t aim to cross the uncanny valley, and it’s ridiculous to claim that it does, so what is wrong with pointing that out?



Really, everyone who worked on this…i love you :love::love::love:

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No… he’s right. Uncanny valley was (wisely) avoided by stylizing the characters.

Avatar is a great achievement, one of the best (if not THE best) accomplishments in CG, and I tip my hat to all the artists that worked on it - but as Per-Anders pointed out, its got little to do with the uncanny valley.


Then I take it ‘Tintin’ is doomed?!


I have to agree with Per. They were different enough from humans that I found them to be very, very believable. Even the scene where Jake’s human body actually meets Neytiri directly, I wasn’t thinking about the uncanny valley- I was thinking about how big she was compared to him!

I guess Jake Sully likes the tall women. Really tall.

And blue. :wink:


Does anyone know which vendor ended up being responsible for all the screen and such… they were very well done…


I see the article came from the future. A friend and I were joking at work that it’s the only way we could understand how they made it.