AutoRigger and first rigging tutorial.


even more of a bump— as I am jumping back in after 6 months hiatus


At least you get to animate!!

I’m stuck doing boring corporatey vids etc! Bought Messiah two and a half years back and haven’t really had a chance to try it properly yet.


Spare time improvements dude.
If you’re any good at messiah / animation and in the UK I’d recommend applying to Darkside. Doing a feature film at the moment and always in use of more messiah staff!


Yeah, hope to get there, been a crazy few years and really haven’t managed to do anywhere near as much 3D as I wanted to. Been very much on and off.

Know of darkside, know enough to respect them highly - not familiar enough to know their projects.

We just finished a wee bit of animation for part of a commercial for West Midland Safari Park, but not exactly character animation, and therefore not something I could use to apply for a job for a feature film, I don’t think!

Where are you based? Where are Darkside? (London?) Do you work freelance for them?


Just noticed your usefulslug site appears to be down.
If you need some good reliable hosting, gimmea shout dude.


I work freelance but on site for them and have done so for a good while so it’s very much like a full time job except I have my own office at home as well some days. It’s in Holborn, Central London. Nice place really. Both TV and feature film jobs going so worth applying if/when you’ve got your showreel sorted. Great place to work, very friendly and sympathetic to different situations!

Character animation and rigging skills are most important at the moment.


Sounds awesome!

Currently I’m here - - showreel’s pretty old now, better to check the actual posts and Creative Samples!
Got some animation work to post up actually - bit behind on that but maybe later this week.

So much to do at the moment :slight_smile:


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