AutoRigger and first rigging tutorial.


@Suricate: I think it’s very similar in the softening algorithm to your stretchyIK, at least they look very similar. In use however, it is slightly different because the softIK (or IKsoft as it’s called to be in the same place as IK2d etc in the expression list), also performs softening without neccessarily stretching the chain. I think a time/speed based algorithm might not work so well since it could be a bit unpredictable to the animator.

Walker will basically be focused around walkcycle animation.
It features footsteps based cycling so you can easily adjust the position of the footsteps and have the cycle update accordingly.
-You can save and load walkcycles onto the autorigger rig or any other rig (within very small limitations). Using the autorigger rig has the smallest setup time, as you can skip the initial item definition stage.
-You can add additional objects in your rig to be cycled at the same time as the base cycle (such as a tail etc).
-The walkcycles are affectable by keyframes directly or via sliders. The cycles are actually placed as keyframes on nulls, so it’s easy for an animator to create new ones or update the existing ones.
-You can dynamically fade one cycle into another, to for instance go from a sneak, to a walk, to a run.
-You can make a path with a null and have the plugin create footsteps along that path.
-You can edit the footsteps parented (rotating a step will orient the rest of the path) or unparented (rotating a step will only aim the foot on that step) with a checkbox.


Sounds very cool as well as very useful…



That Walker looks like a great addition and I’ll be making the investment once you make it available. Thanks for all the new info!

Once you get all that work out of the way, what do you think about creating some type of utility to use with the autorigger that could retarget mocap (bvh etc) files to your autorigger bone structure? Seems that would be a pretty popular addon if you were able to cook one up.


Woot, finally something to help with walk cycles. Even though walk cycles can easily be done in messiah itself, I am looking forward to the features like blending walk animations which would really save time. I will be waiting for the release, I am animating a 40 minute cartoon and im sure walker would save at least 50+ hours :slight_smile:


Damn … you are indeed a useful slug. :slight_smile:


Woot, how cool is that. Having the new autorig tool shipping with messiah is fan-frikkin-tastic, and all the new features take it to an even greater level.

Like Wegg, I can’t wait to the next project to start using this, and other kick booty useful slug and messiah tools. Woo and hoo!


Not that I am ready for Autorigger yet…till I get further along and back to animation…
but have you heard any indication as to when the next messiah patch is coming?

Walker sounds great and I eagerly await its release…



Yeah that shouldn’t be too hard in principle. The problem is always finding the time to do everything isn’t it :slight_smile:

Definately. It is very much so based on the experience from andy’s airplanes and a couple of other projects, which is that even though a basic walkcycle is easy enough to do, having multiple characters perform different walkcycles, blending between them and changing their paths depending on direction, can be quite time consuming indeed.
To put the numbers on the table, I had to do a simple character test for a client recently where they just wanted to have him rigged and moving to show a client of theirs. They had an extremely tight deadline to get something together, so I used autorigger and walker together and after about 30 minutes of work and about the same amount of rendering it was all done. The character was walking along quite naturally and waving at the investors.
As far as professional work is concerned, Walker will pay for itself in a single job that has to do with walkcycles, or I will eat my bowler hat.

Not really, but I expect it to be relatively soonish. Fori has done some good work and I am sure that he is eager to share that with you. As am I with regards to the autorigger.


Very nice and just in time for production for my project to start. I hope it is still scheduled to be released around the end of this month. In the mean time ill have my wallet open :slight_smile:


Soo, its the end of july and the end of the beginning of august. Any updates on the status please? Thanks.


Sorry, I discovered some problems in the final hour that I haven’t had time to address yet. I’ll try to get on it asap.


new in messiah v3.1

Hey PMG (sure you are in the thread) can one of the new features be a updated Whats New page and Docs?


Any word yet? I just started production.


So when does messiah 3.1 come out?


3.1 or Walker

come on pmg



Looks nice. Some step through on the steps. Seems the character steps too close in some points to the next step.


Was the ribbon spine update included in the Walker purchase? Not seeing it in the viewport…



Uh, nevermind…loaded wrong base rig… :blush:


Bumping up for good content, here.