AutoRigger and first rigging tutorial.


It was a joke… :bounce: HA HA me the only one thinking that were fun… well well… sorry for my totally advanced form of humor… will cut that out… Sorry.

Ofcourse it is a photo… god damn it man… and the figure is awsome… maybe get his face abit more visable? Looks cool!

Yours PAL :bounce:


Haha, yeah I was getting worried there for a second.


stooch: Thanks, I agree. Increased the bounces a little but then had to compensate for change in the light intensity. Better now?

sure is :slight_smile:


So are you guys happier now that there’s a weighting solution, and an autorigging solution?


Hi Ulven,

I have viewed the tutorial a second time and turned up the sound and you where right about the finger bones. Do you have joint compensation especially for the knees and elbows? I couldn’t tell by watching the video.



I am happier, but not happy enough :wink:


:slight_smile: I’m happy, but then I’ve always been quite jovial.

Stiderotte: Yep there are some bones in there to distribute the twist for the shoulder/elbow without flipping.


much happier still playing witht he autorigger. Did anyone else get it?

Ulven…are you guys plaing to release a tutorial on face rigging …ike in your demo reel.


Question: Can you re adjust the bones after you run autorig and whats the best way to do so without screwing things up.

Can you produce a .jpg image of a what controllers so what 9so one does not have to view the video all the time). a Little manual of sorts.


You can adjust the bones after running the autorigger but you’re sort of working against the purpose of it then since you’ll have to adjust a lot more.
Best thing to do is save your scene before you run the autorigger script so you can use that to adjust it. If you have already started animating, you can transfer motion from one autorigger rig to another using a motionclip in compose.


So… I’ve seen a few people buying it at least. I think we’ll be able to cover our dev costs fairly well and even help fund some more plugin development. Any feedback? Did it live up to your expectations Julez?


Hi Ulven,

Bought the plugin. Love it! Very well done and I like the idea that I can easily add additional bones as needed to hold/compensate on various body parts.

Perhaps I missed it but … I did not see any broken bones (or other approach) for WRIST twist compensation. Is this intentional? Thanks.



Hello okafor.
Hmm, did you mean for the legs? There is a double bone twist compensation for the bank of the wrist, and another for the upperarm. There really could be one for the leg too though.


can you reference the(display in the video ) information to make some similar plugin ?



That is one long demo reel :slight_smile:
Was there something specific from it you were thinking of?
The pose system maybe?


Anyway to try this plug-in first? Looks like a cool plug-in…


After having a look at your videos and being pretty impressed by what you’ve come up with, I have a few thoughts to share. For me, a guy who is rather limited in rigging skills, I would find this plugin a lot more attractive if you could add just a few items that would help me save time.

With your current rig I would still need to add in rigging/controls for eyes and all that entails. Would it be possible to add the bones and controls for eyes and maybe even go further by including some actual eyeball geometry?

Maybe another option would be to include some type of cartoon eye rigging/controls/geometry?

Another thought, how about including some amount of optional rigging/controls that would allow for a character’s picking up of an item.

Hope you don’t mind the suggestions, just looking to provide some input that might help make your item more attractive for the low level riggers such as myself.:slight_smile:


I’m afraid not. Because we wanted to make it open and editable by the people who purchase it, we can’t also make it time locked.


Eye controls we could put in, yes. I’ll remember that for the next release.

As far as picking up items, You could just parent the item to the IK target for instance, and fade on the IK when you want it to follow the hand. Other than that, that’s kind of has to do with scene based rigging (I.E. There’s no point in having that in there all the time, calculating away when your character isn’t going to be picking things up) so one wouldn’t have that in a rig without there being a need for it. You can always edit the rig for your own scene like that though (there is a dymaic parenting tutorial in the docs).

Another thing is that if you rig for every eventuality as the base rig, the rig will ultimately become very slow, I think we’ve found a good balance of capability versus speed (it’s not noticably slow even with multiple characters.)

Eye geometry might not be a good idea, since that pretains to the modelling world and you would have to delete every time you made your own model.


I whole heartedly agree.

Just purchased Autorigger. Sweeeet…