AutoRigger and first rigging tutorial.


That’s right, the AutoRigger is now ready and available for purchase at our new website.
It’s a bit of a joint effort between peksi on most of the coding and myself on the rig controls creation, with some additional help from suricate’s many fantastic plugins. I hope you enjoy it. If you find any bugs don’t hesitate to tell us, we did our best to test it before release.

Also, we’ve got the first advanced rigging tutorial up. This one deals with how to rig a bendy limb using flex motion, and shows you step by step how to approach it. It also includes solutions to the bankflip problem with flexmotion as well as a few other pointers.


damn! that was fast! looks great…rock on!


I will have to try it propper one of these days! The rig looks simple and very good! :thumbsup:

Yours PAL :bounce:


Before I plunk my $100, I’d like to see some kind of video pre-view, demo-ing
the auto-rigger.
Is this possible?


did you even follow his url? the link is in plain sight

nice rig btw.


I need new glasses.



Thanks guys.
I put up another video too where I decided to use the autorigger to make a rig for a cat. Took about 10 minutes or so. Could do with some weighting but otherwise a fine specimen.
It’s not perfect for quadropeds because you’d often want two COGs for that, but it’s definately usable. And you could always build on the base rig.


Looks awesome Ulven :slight_smile: An extremely valuable addition to messiah


BOUGHT! (as in check your account).:bounce:

I was wrestling with buying Maestro for Lightwave and even though its innovative its just not as fluid in the LW environment that normal rigs are in messiah.


Great! Thanks Julez, I hope you enjoy our hard work :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


I figured a quicker way to access the hand gestures would be to just create a group in the item list and have them display only when its time to do hand aniamtions.
The videos sold me. Ulven you guys did more and beyond!


Yep, using groups to animate what you want, when you want, is a good idea. Let us know how it works out for you Julez.
There’s an ‘Animatables’ group that hides all the things you don’t need to look at in the list by default.

I got a few questions via pm and thought I’d share the answers here in case other people are wondering the same thing.

The armatures click and drag functionality is there to provide a much more intuitive approach to animation than the regular ‘rotate this thing on this axis’ kind of thinking. You can play to the camera much better and it’s a quicker way of animating (click, drag, release instead of click object, select axis, drag, release, change axis, rinse and repeat). Instead you can just drag what you see the direction you move your mouse. This functionality was programmed by Suricate and is really nice (apparently quite similar to animation:master controls).

About the naming convention, the bones there has to stay like they are until you’ve run the autorigging script, after the controls are all in place, you can rename it to anything you want (for instance by opening it in notepad and find/replace everything called Character with your character’s name.

You can build on the rig, and if you know scripting (a lot can be learned from reading the script file) you can add more stuff to the autorigger yourself too, but you shouldn’t distibute the normal autorigger code once you’ve bought it. (only stuff you’ve added yourself if it was cool)

I also got lots of cool suggestions for version 2 of the autorigger :slight_smile: I found that a bit amusing since it’s only a few days old, but yeah, if we get enough customers to pay for development time we certainly will look into all your suggestions. We have other great plans for plugins as well but you have to help us develop them, both through suggestions and through buying our plugins. If we can get a large enough amount of users for these plugins, we can help make messiah in the very forefront of animation again. The userbase for messiah is currently not huge and that is something we probably all know, so it’s all the more important that you help support the development that does happen, both at pmg and with us third parties (yay who said parties?). We’re currently developing a brand new deformer type for messiah and have had promising results so far, but I’m paying for it out of my own pocket, and so I need to amass a little army of you to help share the costs. Anyway, that’s a really long post for you all to read and digest so I’m going to end it now and make a character. Have fun!


Moving on, I got very inspired by THUR’s work today so I wanted to create some kind of beach scene kind of character.

This one is rigged first with the autorigger, then I applied the priciples from the tutorial to it as well.


looks good. needs more bounce light off the sand.


Nice render! Was it rendered in Messiah?


Great stuff Ulven!
Just one question about the rig. The rig has only 4 finger hands, how would you set it up for 5 finger hands? I think it would be easier to include 5 fingers in the rig and if your character has 4, just delete the fourth finger bones.


Stiderotte: Thank you! The Autorig starts out with 5 fingers, and then at one point in the film I delete one of the fingers because the character I’m rigging only has 4. I think I even say ‘I’m going to delete his ring finger’ or something to that effect :slight_smile: Pay attention in class! Hehe. No I was mumbeling a bit too much really. Was just showing that you can delete things and the script will still work.

StQueen: Thanks! Yep it was indeed.

stooch: Thanks, I agree. Increased the bounces a little but then had to compensate for change in the light intensity. Better now?


Last time I was called ‘StQueen’ I was wearing skin tight blue satin trousers and a flouncy pink open collared shirt…


Hey Ulven… think the human forms you have modeled in the background looks really good… can you focus more in the back so we can see them sharper! Get rid of that silly thing in the front!

Yours PAL :bounce:


Hahaha, sorry StOuen! My bad!

Palpal: Emm, not sure if you can tell. But the silly thing in the front is just comped onto a random beach photo :slight_smile: This was just a quick test. 4 hours from started modelling to finished image, rigged, posed and all, but I din’t exactly model all those other people in the back there for it too. Just googled ‘beach’ and blurred it :slight_smile: