AutoCad on Mac


Hey guys,

Just regurgitating some interesting news I found on the interwebs.

So does this mean that Autodesk may be re-investing on mac? 3d Studio eventually? How would this help us with EI? Too many questions. I haven’t touched cad in 13 years.


I wish I knew Italian. :slight_smile:


then you should look also at Siemens NX which is also available for OSX :wink: Looks very impressive, but i assume the price tag would be also impressive.



Autodesk called me for a survey not long ago where I had the opportunity to voice my concern about their upgrade and continuity.

Its great that they recently upgraded Maya OSX to 64bit and have strongly been promoting Smoke on OSX for continuity solutions.

However to me it’s seems inconsistent if they are not continuing with their MotionBuiilder support as well as Alias.

I would rather see the preexisting tools maintained than veer off into new apps that already have some solution in that genre represented on the Mac, such a more Max or Softimage.

If they did I would rather see something like Inventor or a Catia import solution.


I’ve been using NX/Unigraphics/IDEAS/CAEDS since '91… IDEAS was a decent CAD system… it merged with Unigraphics[UG] a few years ago and they changed the name to NX. Though in some ways UG/NX has improved… it’s basically a hodpog of different CAD tool ideas all bundled together in a rather inconsistant, messy fashion.

Even though no asked for my opinion …I’d avoid NX.

Well, have a nice day…



Interesting that the blog was asked to remove the beta images.

Alonzo for a google translation of what was on the site.

A local post with some other images. It has gestures included? wacom touch or laptop?

NX youtube clip was nice too. Seemed like way sped up modeling but drove the information home.


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