August 2016 - Aaron McNaughton


Got this ready for the challenge, already started reference gathering for the project. I know what we are going to do hasn’t been decided yet, but I’ve put together a sheet for the underwater theme using jellyfish’s anatomy as inspiration for the design of this advanced civilisation. As this is always something I could pursue later.


You Incredibly fast responds Aaron.

you’ll be Great at This theme


Thanks Ferly, I will sure try! But underwater is very difficult, never done anything successful in that theme.

Just done a quickish sketch, a little exploration of the theme. Nothing concrete yet, just finding my way in the dark.


Yeah - it was warp speed :). And a good start. I suppose that you are brainstorming it right now, so I’m curious what will come out of this :).



Another thumbnail sketch, may take this one forward if we are certain its the underwater theme as I have more of a foresight in with the final with this one. Could spend the time refining it into a more polished concept, however. Don’t know if that time should be spent going straight into 3d block-in hmm :slight_smile:


Hi guys, quiet here :frowning: …so this piece is on the backburner as been doing quite a bit of stylised work lately, I got the block-in ready just need to start replacing the elements with higher res models. Still want to get this piece done though.