Audi R8 (one more)


Hey everyone,

I I’m trying to model the Audi R8 car.
Here is pictures of my work.

Comments are welcome



other pictures


Wow , looking pretty damn sweet so far man!
Keep up the good work .
The part near the the left side window at the top/back where it joins onto the back part of the body , there’s a little lump there on the geometry , it’s near a hole in the model so I’m guessing it will be fixed anyways when you work on that area more :slight_smile:

Really clean model man , I can’t wait to see it finished , fully textured and rendered .


thanks man

This is my first car I’m modelling and perhaps my technique is not very good
but I’m trying to progress with your comments.

i will post soon new updates maybe this week end.


I updated the front of the car and the side window
and I tested render with mental ray

critics and comments are welcome and tell me what you think is wrong



An update of the front part of the car and a test render with mental ray


Here is a quick update of the front part

And the headlights. For these I didn’t found detailed pictures so …

C&C !! Please


An other Update
After that I will try to finalize the headlights because I have some problems with these


an overview of the breaks, the tire and the wheel
not completely finished, I need to add some details et apply a meshsmooth

If you have comments to do please tell me I will be happy and I could increase my model :smiley:



For the moment I don’t get time to work on my model, but I will do my best to come back modeling
I think the front part of the car is finished except the headlight, but I’ve some trouble to get this the nearest from reality. So if you have some advice I will be happy.
The second thing is that like I said before I’m not an expert in rendrering with HDRI. I working on 3D studio max 9 and Mental Ray.
The last thing is that I can’t find detailed pictures of the front and the rear lights, so if you got some it would be interesting for me
I will post wireframed views

Finally I hope you’re enjoying my model :wink:


hi guys

The back part of the car, not completely finished because somme artefacts to correct.
But I thing this is looking good isn’t it ?

the total count of polys is around 100 000.


Very nice indeed! Impressive work. What kind of tires are those


The tires are basic tires I made a long time ago, but the wheel are inspired of the real one

A big render to see details of the front


The car looks good so far!

The only problem that I see right off the bat is that both halves aren’t lining up when you are mirroring the geometry. You can fix this is 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Select matching vertices from each half of the car and (in Maya) go to Edit Mesh > Merge to Center. This is done after the mirroring. Then to get rid of the harsh edge that will form, go to Normals > Soften edge.

  2. Before you Mirror, go into the front view of your car. Select each vertex along the inside edge and snap each individual vertex (1 at a time) to the middle of the grid. This is done by holding down the “X” key in Maya and dragging the x axis handle (or whichever axis you need to).

Other than that, no other critiques. :slight_smile:


Soz to quote but better way is to select all the vertex’s down the middle of the car and go to component editor and set all vertex,x attribute to 0

So far so good mate but its probably the 100 th audip R8 render I have seen. There must be other cars out there. I would probs do a Bugati, but I bet those were rendered to years ago.


Thank you for your comment but I think I will attach the two sides of the car when I finish it.
I work a little on the front and apply Turbosmooth
About the headlights if someone got pictures of it !!
Here it is :


A render with Vray a little dirty but I only used Lightcache for GI :

wireframe :

Tell me what you think !


Other test renders :


i’m back

a test render with HDRI
my paint material isn’t perfect, the reflection is strange
the headlights looks go but not perfect

if you have advice to improve my model don’t hesitate :smiley:


so I think I improve my rendering skill I takes time yes but finally the result is much better than before

An overview of the headlights, there are still some errors