Attachment Problem


Hello Everyone !

I’m currently working on passing morpher from on mesh to an other… Taht part working great but I also need to pass the point attach and it doesn’t work at all.

I can do morph between then but when I just dans the mesh used in the attachment, then different locator change position… I can’t understand why…

Thank for your reply

Here the code I use :

mod_ – in the on attach
morphHead – to whom we attach

/* get the point attach or not /
locator = ( execute ( "$'loc_
’" ) as array)

for loc in locator do
actrl = loc.pos.controller

     /* 	get the point attach to the mesh used */
if ( classOf actrl ) == Attachment and actrl.node == mod_ then 
	print "=================================="
	print loc
	ConvertTo morphHead Editable_Mesh
	/* changement de visage */
	actrl.node = morphHead
	print "=================================="
	print ( + " n'est pas attacher" )