At what point do you delete unseen surfaces for anamatable characters?


I currently have a high poly character I’m doing retopo for in order to create low poly / projected version for animation.

He currently has some unseen surfaces like the scalp under the hair (separate object). What’s a best practice here?

Should I just leave it alone in the high poly model, and leave the scalp polys out of the retopo, so it’s non destructive, the poly count is still low for the low poly version, and the projection part just takes care of itself since there’s nothing to project on for that bit… or am I missing something in the process?


Are you really that restricted in the polycount that you need to save a few scalp polys?

I would just keep them, so the body doesn’t have holes, and you can later change the hair piece if needed (which may reveal parts of the scalp that you left open).

Plus - your tool to generate the normal maps may not like if you bake them with polys missing.

But that’s just me, other people may have different needs and workflows.


Not necessarily, no. Just trying to piece together many tiny bits of advice and apply common sense to the overall approach. If it’s not worth it for poly count, and may cause problems, I’ll skip the scalping.

I’m in the middle of manual retopo (Retopoflow) now anyway, so I can control the count there.

One less thing to concern myself with.