Thought I’d post this WIP for some feedback. The image description calls for a creepy asylum up on a hill.

What I’m looking at specifically in this picture is the sense of, well, spookyness. I didn’t want to do a standard Victorian Mansion type building, but chose more of a turn of the century, almost Shaker style building. I still have one dormer window to ad on the top.

Things that are bothering me/I’m wondering about are the high placement of the building (should I have more sky, for instance, considering that it is on a hill), lighting, etc. – do these various elements combine enough to create an image that matches the description?
Just curious of others’ take on it.




nice drawing.
I don’t think you should have more sky. I like that little hill and the three infront of the building.

Since it’s WIP, theres nothing more to say than you need to add details. And maybe a more dramatical sky. More clouds and more contrast. Maybe a few leaves on the three, or some flying around.

A door at the front of the building?

Hope this helps. I like it as it is already :slight_smile:


Hi scorpier,

Thanks for the feedback. yeah, that’s kind of what I’m thinking. I’m looking to make it a bit more dramatic, just something that really grabs you.

Funny you should mention the leaves, because I had planned on adding some in. I’ll give the sky a serious workout - I think that is where I’m going to get most of the mood frome this piece. I want to dilapidate the house a bit; make it look almost, but not quite abandoned. Kind of unhinged, like it’s inhabitants.



nice drawing i like the feel…the tree is a very nice touch… although what hit me first was an asylum without a gate… maybe u could show an old rusted gate with creepers and climbers on it…just a suggestion :slight_smile:



No, that’s a good suggestion and a good observation - a gate is planned, I just wanted to get some of the background in first before I went and started working on that. I should have mentioned that in my initial post :sad:

There will also be a sign with the Asylum’s name on the wall as well, but it will be shadowed out.



Hi, looks good so far…to evoke a more spooky athmosphere, you could make the sky darker, (not night), like right before a storm. That would create a certain “tension”. Maybe a human shadow in the window?

When i see this, i see a mental hospital, had to say that, maybe it helps in developing the work…

edit::scream: i realized that asylum does actually mean mental hospital…sorry for that. but it shows that the picture does its work…


The composite of the picture is very good, good angles and good perspective.

However the piece dose not scream “Spooky” to me at all at this moment. IT looks actually quite a nice little cabin, somwere i wouldnt be to adverse from staying myself.

The scean lacks a certain drama, i think the image is a little to light to have a forbodeing feel, try and uterlise more contrasting shadeing.

The wall and building looks clean, like a well kept holidaly home, try and bring a little ware and tear to the place.

Another thing, the picture looks like a bulding on a hillside and it could be any building.

Prehaps if your haveing trouble relaying the nature of the building to your audiance maybe a actual sign at the gate?? somthing that actually says “Asylum”

GJ carry on.


Hi -PrEdator- and Obear,

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I really appreciate them.

Here is the final that the client ultimately accepted and liked. I forgot to post it before now. Not one of my stronger ones, but it got the job done. Still not sure if it is as evocative as I would have liked… To me, the whole thing just looks muddy :banghead:



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