Asset Browser - old Scene preview like in content browser missing?


I just installed S26 after using 21 for a while and noticed the content browser is now the asset browser. While this looked cool in the beginning, the drama begins when trying to open your old models - preview them. I have around 380 GB of bought models and I think there will be no way for me to convert all of them to the new asset brower. Was this forgot to think about? For me its the second time hitten by a big rock into my face; first was the non-working pre r19 models which needed to be converted.
I can’t imagine that big studios have the time to convert old libraries all the time so who had this idea?

@maxon: why does nobody think about this? Its important to let the wheel spinning; these kind of things can ruin jobs…

@everybody else: does anyone have a solution next to using the 21 for browsing?


You can see scene file previews in windows explorer, that’s what I do.
It needs activating the 1st time to make this work, I follow a process like this:

After you have done it once, then you will get explorer previews on any Cinema 4D file that has them.

It’s only pre R10 files that won’t open past R19. I think that’s forgivvable, as a one-off. Those files will be 15 years old by now.