Artwork like render


Heya good folk, first post here :slight_smile: ! I’ve come looking for rendering wisdom, specifically Arnold’s AiToon.
So I’m trying to render a 3D model to look like a doodle or an artwork, here are my results:

(Mansion model is not mine btw, found it free in the web)

If I render the Mansion alone has kinda the effect I’m looking for (need a little of handwork tbh), but when I tried to add more objects the specular went crazy!
I’m using an AiToon override on a render layer, in the attributes the Edge color is black, the base weight 0 and specular weight on 1, all illuminated by a white Skydome, and in the render settings im using the Curtain filter.
I know is the specular that’s causing all this reflections, but when I tried to turn it off, all turned black, I’ve tried playing with the other attributes but the base color comebacks.
I’m missing something >.<? I swear I’ve googled but can’t find something like im trying to do (Except on Blender).
Thx for reading!


i think if you turn off specular bounces it might work ( you can do this in render settings>arnold renderer>ray depth> specular = 0)
but why use specular? I would have went for specular weight = 0, base weight =1, and then plug in a base tonemap that’s pure white


Thank you a lot!!

Turned the specular off at ray depths, and turned off the receive shadows in the floor mesh, the shadows needs some work but it’s kinda what I was expecting.

I did a second layer with what you told me (Image in comment below), and the render looks kinda 3Dish, If I turn off the Cast Shadows from the aiSkydome, you can only see the line work but with no shadows :frowning:


render with no specular weight, base weight 1 and white base tonemap


ah, for the second render, try plugging in a ramp for the tone map instead, change interpolation from linear to none.
then play with the positions of the ramp colors a bit to find where you want the terminator to be


This is starting to take shape! Once again thx a lot!! I was wondering if I could add some shadows from lightning, tried to add a directional light and an area light but nothing happened :stuck_out_tongue: