Artist's lodge - WIP


Hello everyone !

For our first year school’s last project, we have to create an artist’s lodge, and make two still images out of it !

I decided to make a comedian’s lodge, with a first view of the “lounge side”, where they can meet their fans, relax, or party.
The second point of view is in front of their mirrors, the space where they focus and get into their characters. I also decided to give the images an “urbex” look, which is not done yet.

I nearly finished modeling (still missing the Urbex extras), and began shading the Sofa (still have to work on it though, the arms texture is too big, and the displacement doesn’t make sense, also one cushion is displaced through the blanket).

What do you think of it, are there any unpleasing elements ?
Thank you in advance !



Hello again !

I continued working this week, and here are my latest renders !
I still have to shade one last book, but I’ll have time to modify some elements during my new compositing.
Do you have any advice to help me make these images better, what do you like or dislike about them ?

Thank you a lot !



cool looking scene ! I really like how you did the couch, the modeling and texturing.
my critique would be to retexture the desk and chair. the amount of noise or textural detail is same everywhere.


great overall. but add some particles in the air that should sell it more


Hannah and Scote thank you so much for your kind comments !

You’re both absolutly right, I still have a lot of improvements to make, especially for the second image.

I had to give back the project already, and I currently have another one. But as soon as I have some free time, I’ll make the adjustments you sugested.

Thank you again !