Art Trade -OPEN-


Howdy, I am open to an art trade!

For this art trade, I will make your oc(s), in return all I ask is a fursona design!
If anyone is down to do this, down below is some information more for the art trade and some older art examples of mine.

A list of things I prefer, what I am okay with, and what I am not comfortable with!
What I prefer and love in a design:
A female design is a must, please.
Anthro designs are a must as well, please.
Slasher/Horror movie-themed/aesthetics would be killer! I simp for slasher men lol.
Pastel color palettes are a big yippy for me!
I’m chunky, a bit big busted with wider hips, so a bigger character is a super big please.
What I am okay and open with:
Hybrid animals or mythical animals are okay with me.
A dark color palette I’m cool with, although I loved it paired with some neons.
What I am not comfortable with:
I am not comfortable with male designs because I am a girl.
I get distracted easily so over-complicated designs are a big no.

Art examples I have done in my free time