Art trade for a fursona design!


Howdy, I am having trouble designing a fursona. If anyone out there is willing to I would love to do an art trade. I could make some art of any of your ocs and in return could I please get a design?

If anyone is interested down below is information on what I prefer, what I wouldn’t mind, and what is a no in my book! Just send me a picture of your character and let me know if you are down to do an art trade like this! :relaxed:

would love/prefer:
A Female is a must.
Body type needs to be chunky, I’m a bit big busted and have wider hips. But I am heavy weighted.
Hybrid anthros are a must!

Mammals are an A-Okay!

Something nocturnal-themed is also cool, I stay up usually 3-5 in the morning a lot. Crashing out and taking naps in the day lol.

Pastel colors are an A-Okay I love pastels!

Slasher/Horror movie-themed would be highly loved What can I say? I’m a simp for slasher men lol

wouldn’t mind:

Dark colors are cool though I usually like neons or pastels to be paired with it.

Open species rather than a traditional mammal is awesome! I love looking at new species.

Mythical animals or hybrid animals are cool too.


No male design, please.
Overly complex characters are a no too, I get distracted easily and will probably fall out of touch with the design.